Saturday, October 3

Friday October 2nd... Hildene Was Even Better than Before...Over 100 Vendors...

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We arrived at the Hildene Meadows around 12:30 and never left until after 4:45.
We saw many beautiful, high end crafts and artwork and I found something I have been trying to find since 1995. Being part Shawnee Indian, I've been looking for a certain neck dress, but could not locate what I was looking for. Today I found it and bought it. The funny thing was that I went to upstate Vermont and the lady that makes them is from Shokan, near Kingston, NY. We go there all the time, in fact Shokan is where we bought the doors and windows for the hospice gift shop. How very funny. Vick also got a necklace with a feather on it. It's really pretty.

When we had our fill and figured it would be late until we would get home, we took off and started home. We had a zillion things to do when we got home anyway. Tomorrow is Greenville Day, starting with the Farmers Market. We were only going to set up for the arts exhibit with Vick's artwork, but when we got home, both cartons of my book were here, so we will set up tomorrow with eggs, Vick's art prints, note cards and original art pieces and my books. We'll start in front of the art building with the eggs and go right on into the "all arts matters" exhibit at 1:00PM..... directly after the Farmers Market. We'll probably be there until the fireworks after dark. Going to bed now... cause we only have about four hours to rest. See ya later...

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