Saturday, October 24

Friday Eve, October, 23rd... Did the gift shop end Today, but more to do to finish...

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Today we worked on the gift shop and got enough done that the purlin's can be installed on Sunday if Colleen and JD show up. We still needed to place the soffit and fascia on the second half of the building, add the tie rafters inside and put the porch roof rafters in place. We would have continued and finished some of that, but my knees gave out and besisdes, we had to stop early to get cleaned up so we could attend a concert performed by the Greene County Players in the town of Hunter this evening. Our niece, Katie is a member of the Greene Player Chorus and was in this evening's performance. It was an excellent performance, which we enjoyed immensely. I would have enjoyed it even more if my knees weren't constantly throbbing, after today's extensive ladder work.

Seldom do you find yourself an inspiration to anyone around you and if you ever do experience that, you should thank God that someone really looked at your work or talents. Both Vicki and I have been made aware that we both hold a special spot in our son, Bill's, simply for the poetic inspiration, which helped him mustered the will to write a very eloquent poem about Vicki and his Father, which he lost in 2006 to Pancreatic Cancer. Vicki, for the love and care she show to Bill's Father during years of marriage and during his time of need. Vicki was married to Carl for years, was a visiting registered nurse, working for the VNA in New Jersey, doing in home care and assessments, plus sharing hospice patients. Vicki kept Carl at home when he entered the hospice program with his cancer, taking care of him until he passed away, fulfilling Carl's wish to pass on at home. Following is Bill's poem about the ordeal... in his own touching words:

The Smile That Is Hospice
By Bill Alderman
Twas a bit ago when he was ill, and terminal care was needed,
We let her care for and dote on him, and do her work unimpeded,
Her smile accompanied her daily, and hid the empathy within her eyes,
It gave comfort and delight to him, to ignore pain and stifle all those cries.

Experiencing despair, and discomfort, the coming end always in thought,
She eased his strife, and eased his woes, her smile made it easier to be fought,
Hers was a love from deep within and a heart full of genuine compassion,
She had done this time and time again, this type of care ‘twas her fashion.

She brought consolation to all, with wink and grin, while compensated little in return,
Her smile was the precursor to the end that one never should ever have to earn,
She offered respect and companionship, and daily attentiveness she would give,
This is crucial to the quality of life, that hospice offers while we still live.

While I remember the day he passed, and since have come to grips,
Was the love in her heart and the smile on her face, that was transferred to his breathless lips,
Many is the time I think about him, his memory fresh in my mind,
And as I wipe away the tears, this is the comfort that I still find.

So if someone asks you to give to Hospice, while you consider a denial or quick retort,
Please remember this poem, because there is no finer way, then to give and to show your support!!

Inspired by Poet Skip Watt, Current Artist Vicki Alderman-Watt (former Hospice Nurse),
Plus my dear Wife & Son
In Memory of Carl J. Alderman- Father

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Only with man's heart on paper before you, can you see the true feelings from within him.....

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