Thursday, October 22

Thursday Eve, October 22nd... Wahoo...The Hospice Donations are Just Pouring In...

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Wow... earlier this week we received a cash donation from Mississippi in honor of my cousin Bonnie's Birthday which is on November 27th... This evening when we checked the mail, there was another check from some very generous friends of Bonnie's, also from Mississippi. Donations are beginning to pour in from all over the place which is very heart warming. How nice to give a cash donation that you know will be going to a deserving person in need of special care during the final chapter of their lives. Your donations provide palliative care for an unfortunate person that has usually been forgotten by friends and neighbors since they have been diagnosed with their terminal illness. You provide special care and help for the family of this person, giving them a few minutes to escape the living hell they are going through watching their loved one drifting away from them. Nothing can replace the value of the hospice nurses in the final moments of a loved ones life. Vicki and I both know that feeling, for we've both been there... as volunteers supporting family and patient, AND as the ones losing loved ones. As our mottos say so well... Hospice begins and ends with a heart... and... What a difference a heart can make.
If you care to donate to this important and worthy cause, and know you have helped to support and provide some tender loving care for a dying friend, just go to our site at: and at the very top center of the page, you will find a gold button marked "Donate". Click on this link and you may donate by credit card or Pay-Pal directly to Nature's Friend's Of Hospice, Inc. instantly. Every donation will received a red glass heart and an official receipt for tax purposes.

This evening, we finished the front side of the hospice gift shop and decided to go out for a nice dinner at one of our local restaurants. The best and nearest restaurant to our house is the Hollowbrook Farm Restaurant and winery along route 32, just one mile south of Greenville and two miles west of the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC.
We love to dine there, usually taking advantage of their "Early Supper" menu, which can't be beat. The restaurant is owned by Sharon and Jim and has pretty much been a family business, with Sharon's sister, Cindy serving our table. It is quite comfy and warm inside, which makes you feel you are dining in a New England type Inn. The food is divine, the service splendid and the tab is very reasonable for the way the economy usually limits dining out now-a-days. I say Kudos to the family's hard work of creating a fine eatery where folks can't wait to return to again and again. This evening I had a full rack of Baby Back Ribs, sweet potato fries, salad, baked beans and coleslaw, with bread and drink for under twenty dollars and the meal was better than any restaurant known for their ribs, that I've ever been in. I've also had their Prime Rib Au Jus, fantail shrimp, turkey and filling dinner and tasted many of Vicki's splendid meals....all of which were great.
If you like quaint, New England style Inns with a warm comfy atmosphere and friendly service. The Hollowbrook Restaurant and winery is the place for you.
Sharon and Jim have begun planting grape vines and arbors in the field beside the restaurant and plan on making their own Hollowbrook Farm Wines. They also have a motel area behind the restaurant for those of you wanting to get away and see the sights of the Catskill and Hudson River region of upstate New York. Come visit Sharon and Jim for a great vacation with plenty to see and do, including fine dining in between. Below are some pictures of the restaurant and motel....

The entrance to the restaurant...

This is the motel unit. Lovely setting...

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As I stated above, Vick and I finished the half of the gift shop on the road side and tomorrow, if everything is ok and I can still walk, we'll start on the fly rafters on the other side and install the gable end there. The push is still on to have it done for Sunday and ready for Colleen and JD to install purlins. I suppose if we still haven't finished the house side, they would finish that before doing purlins though, so we'll give it our best, but if we don't get it all, what the heck?
Below are pictures of today's progress. It's lookin' good, but boy are we tired!!!!!

This side is completely done when the windows are installed.

Looks pretty Good, Huh?
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