Thursday, October 22

Thursday, October 22nd... Al Qeida, Civil War, Aids, H1N1, or Plain Old Crime...

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In this crazy day and age, one has to ask themselves the question; I wonder how I will die someday? The answer of course is truly this. God only knows. However it could be one of many listed evils of the times, which are constantly around. Just think about the ominous list of ever present things we are up against on any given day in our lives. There are the things we read about in the news every day like, civil war... civil war amongst people, over taxes, color, laws or anything else that people can't agree on. It could happen anytime... anyplace. There can be world wars and many countries have nuclear weapons, which they hold and control, but there are also unstable countries with that same capability that could cause a nuclear Holocaust at anytime. There is also crime... murder...that one can consist of robbery, sex crimes, hate crimes or any other thing imposed upon another person, which will unlawfully take their life. Add to the list the many other things which could kill us and you have, car crashes, falls, fights, hurricanes, tornado's, lightning, wind, winter cold, summer heat, and more.
We also talk about other more ominous things plaguing the world, such as the war on terrorism, the Al Qeida, suicide bombers, attacks on cities and people, and then there are things like Aids, heart attack, stroke, cancer and a million other things. Should I be interested, worried or concerned about the H1N1 swine flu pandemic going around? Sure...I should worry, but not a lot more than I worry about the multitude of other things that could take my life. I'll choose to live right, rest right, eat right, stay as healthy as I can, enjoy life with Vick and put my trust in God to keep me safe until he decides to take me home. At that point then, it really doesn't matter what way I go... now does it? (although I'd my sleep)

I have a good friend that lives his life the way he wants to and his rule for dealing with life is quite simple. "Do no Harm". This is a very good, three word rule, by which to live your life. When you say nasty things about another, you do harm. When you cause them grief, you do harm. When you take from them, you do harm. When you constantly ask yourself that question before you do anything in a regular day, you are living right, because you will do no harm. I've begun doing that in my life, but each night as I lay in bed, there are many things I must ask God to forgive me for, because I've done harm.... as before...unintentionally....but, still I did harm. I am beginning to feel better about myself...better than before and I was a caring, loving, friendly person then. Thanks, Charlie....

Today we are going to hit the gift shop hard. We will finish the gable end toward the road, install fascia and soffit from that end, to the middle and then go to the other side and do the same all over again. In the end, we will have it completed and ready for the purlin's to be installed on Saturday. Next Tuesday, the roofing, drip edge, end caps and ridge cap should arrive at GNH. When it is installed, we can then set doors and windows... After that point, we can start to comfortably work inside in any kind of weather. Stay tuned for updated pictures this evening.

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