Friday, October 30

Friday, October 30th... Tomorrow is Halloween and The End OF October......

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Now I've been spouting off about this for the last few months and I don't really like it, but again... we are barreling down the highway of life at breakneck speeds. (even me on worn out knees) I no more than mention Labor Day, than before you know it, it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years.... Then the long, cold winter! My how times is flying and taking our lives with it! Somehow, we need to find a way to slow the progression of life to a more enjoyable where you can relish each and every day, hour and minute we breath. I hate missing this for that... and doing this means I can't do that, etc. We should be able to be productive, enjoy our lives and contribute to others care and enjoyment of their lives by helping them, without missing our own enjoyment to do so. It seems that to complete the hospice gift shop, we must forfeit our own schedule for enjoyment and labor each day at the building site. If that is what it takes, I guess my commitment to giving back in this way will take priority over my own desires to do other things related to the season, because I made a solemn promise to provide a viable way to solicit funding for the hospice program and the folks who need it. Their immediate needs could be so much better if only the program had more funding to provide more extensive services and had more volunteers that could tend to patients. Both Vicki and I feel that our contribution and the support and monetary contributions of local people and visiting, vacationers or travelers will help to provide that boost in funding needed to supply increased services. Both Vick and I will continue to bust our butts to finish this project and provide a quaint little shop to bolster the hospice program of the future. We will accept help from anyone wishing to contribute. We have installed a "Donate" button on the blog page which allows anyone to contribute funding Via Pay-Pal, which is quick easy and safe to use. Best of all, it can be performed on-line from the comfort of you own home.

I think we will work on the gift shop today. I'll never be any better than now, and we need to install purlins on the roof. They need installed, then the steel drip edge, the roofing, end caps and ridge caps...everything that is here to go on. The sooner we get that finished, we can install the door and windows, closing it up for winter and clear out of the tractor shed, where the windows and door are now stored. If we get past the roof, doors and windows, we can also work comfortably inside during the winter to finish it inside. We'll just take our time and we'll do just fine. Maybe I'll even get some roofing on today too. We'll see.

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