Thursday, October 29

Thursday, Oct. 29th... The Knees Are Good... For Now Anyway...Later, Who Knows?

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We got back from the Bone and Joint Center late yesterday, because we stopped at Buca di Beppo in Albany for lunch. That is quite a place to eat a great Italian dinner, in a quaint Italian setting, with splendid food and music. You are served soft bread with oil and Balsamic vinegar, along with your drink and when you order your dinner, you can order a small, which will feed you and your wife, or a large which will feed a family of five to six. It is truly original Italian cuisine at its best.

Once home, we decided I not do anything, because the guy that shot my knees wanted me to sit around and take it easy and apply ice to my left knee. I sat, but didn't do the ice bit. I hate ice therapy. After feeding the birds for the evening, we went to grab a quick burger at McDonalds. (yes we even stoop that low sometimes) Came home and be-bopped around until time to go upstairs. Vick did her artwork and I lounged around watching TV until time to go to sleep. WOW, the first night I can remember not being awakened with knee pain. GREAT!! Vick paid the price for the McDonald suicide trip though, for the biggest part of the night anyway, with indigestion and reflux (I think). Anyway, even if the reflux didn't occur, it was really, really close. She finally got to sleep at around five this morning. I have to awaken her at 8:30, so we can be ready to meet our friend Lee at the Villa Vosilla this morning at 10:30, to help him resolve a few electrical issues at the resort. I don't do any of the work, just consultation to help him out. Seems they were renovating a few rooms and lost phone and TV reception in three rooms. He had a repair man there yesterday for five hours and he just couldn't resolve the issue for Lee, so we're going up for me to lend a hand. After leaving there with Lee's problems resolved, we'll go to Lowe's for Vick's counter top for the bar area downstairs. Then we will have a sink installation and that will be done, as was planned for quite sometime.
The steel roof was to be in yesterday and delivered today. We'll see. Colleen and JD are coming Sunday to install purlins and the roofing. (If all goes well) We'll then be under roof and we can install the porch roofing and soffit venting to close it up with the in stallation of the door and winrows. I'll then install Gable end venting too. Since we will have heat in there, I want good ventilation upstairs so we do not have condensation issues. My knees are much better this morning. The muscle ache has diminished too. Now all I have to do is take it easy when we build, so I don't overdo it and really injure my joints, which are shot anyway, but will then wreak havoc on my joint tendons and muscles, remembering that the Cortisone doesn't do anything but hide the hurt and fool the body. Since that is the case, I need to police the abuse and keep it within reason. We'll see how long the shots work and if I can get the series of three before scheduling the leg chop and knee replacement.

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