Friday, October 9

Friday October 9th... Praying for the Rain to Pass in Favor of the Hospice Gift Shop......

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I arose this morning at 6:23 to complete darkness as I let the dogs out. Within another ten minutes we transcended the darkness and evolved into that pre-dawn gray I enjoy so much... that time when you can see everything like it was a dream or a figment of your imagination. That is the time when writing comes best to me, when there is not a noise in the world, except perhaps a rooster or two signaling what is to be coming in a little while. It is this time I relish the most every day. I know Vick is asleep upstairs, safe and warm, surrounded by all five dogs and that gives me a feeling of contentedness. I can then sip coffee and retreat to within myself to conjure up events of the past or invent plans for the future, but either way, I am now within myself, looking through my eyes at something other than what I regularly see......for I am creating...memories, visiting long departed relatives and friends I am no longer close to or see. I can simply relive times and events long ago or those of recent occurrence. Writing has now become a possession to me which I can never lose, or have taken from me. I may physically become impaired to the point of not being able to put my writing into print, but I will always be capable of transcending into my minds eye and seeing my life vividly displayed on my own monitor within my self.

Today, we are praying that any rain by-pass us so we can finish the pillars and deck construction. The ground work is a part of the construction that I don't mind so much and really doesn't cause me a lot of discomfort. It's the ladder work that kills me. My knees just don't care for being on a ladder rung anymore for some reason... of course they need replaced for some reason too. I suppose that is a result of those thirty-seven years of crawling around on concrete, under machines and equipment, working on my knees for hours, for that wonderful company that appreciated me so very much. My pain is probably felt by them due to my loyalty over those years. Yuk,Yuk,Yuk!! What a freakin' JOKE that IS!!
Anyway, we want to lag to the concrete and build the framework for the deck and possibly start to install the joists today. If we can just get the level of the mainframe without rain I will be satisfied. That is where we will be today...hopefully...and not under an umbrella........

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