Saturday, October 10

Sat. Oct 10th... A..Duh, Duh...a Duh...Which way did e go?? Which way did e go?????

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It's time for a break! When you can't keep your mind straight...or your schedule straight... or your desired agenda in correct array, it's time to give it up and slow down. The problem is......that sometimes if I slow down any more.......I'll be going in reverse!
Today we had plans to get up early, run to GNH to return four bags of SAKRETE. (I can't keep the stuff. It always gets hard in the bag) They were extra bags, which we didn't use on the gift shop pillars. Next, we would run to the area saw mill to pick up our lumber for the gift shop, bring it home and unload it, take care of the animals and head to Rhinebeck, to the sheep and wool festival at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, then race back home to be able to get to our friend, Stanley Maltzman's art show opening this evening in Rensselaerville, at the Guggenheim Pavilion. Vicki and I always try to make his openings so we can chat with him at the event. That is exactly what we did last evening at the Cornell Agro-forestry center, on the way to Vick's parents. We stopped there to view Stan's daughter, Susan Story's art show opening, which also goes to the end of the month, as does Stan's, I sure.
Anyway, as I am racing around this morning, trying to get ready to attack today's itinerary, I sat sipping at my coffee...dreading such a rush, rush rat race plan....wishing we were instead sticking to our original agenda of picking up the lumber and hosting a building party, which pooped out for this weekend. WAIT A MINUTE, I thought! BUILDING PARTY???? Then it struck me that the sheep and wool festival isn't today, it's next week. Whew......I thought as I breathed a breath of relief. I got on the intercom and buzzed Vick, telling her that if we continued and made it to the festival at Rhinebeck today, we would surely get a front row parking spot, because the festival isn't until next Saturday and Sunday.
Now, our schedule for today is quite manageable.....all we need to do is pick up the lumber materials and work on the decking at the hospice gift shop (if it doesn't rain) and go to Stan's opening this evening.
Just the same, and not for nothin' you understand, duh...which way did e go? Which way did e go?

Yesterday, I finished the pillar mounting and supports for the deck of the gift shop, and today, if we can get the main joists lagged to the concrete, we can throw the rest of the deck up in nothing flat! (My famous saying that never transpires) Or, at least, make a start at it..... We'll see.

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