Sunday, October 18

Sunday October 18th... Finished side two, toward the road and had dinner with our friend Charlie...

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After leaving the critters loose this morning, we stopped at our friend Judy's house to drop off some jars and a hospice bag for a lady she knew. After a lengthy visit there, we picked up our lumber from True-Cut Sawmill today. When we returned from there, and as we were unloading the purlins, Laura pulled in with another ½ doz. Guinea fowl. She unloaded them into the brooding house with the rest of them and came into the house where Vicki presented her with two balls of wool roving and a drop spindle so she could start to spin wool with the drop spindle until we get a chance to look over and adjust her spinning wheel. She has never spun wool before and isn't even sure that all the parts for her wheel is even there, so she will bring it over here for me to look at and help her get it going with Vick, so they can both spin fiber together. We're sure she is looking at all the videos available on you-tube which show you how to use a drop spindle, because Vicki told her that she could learn pretty quickly by watching those learning videos there.
After Laura left for home, we ran to Freehold and had dinner, then returned home and started to work on the gift shop again. By dark we had the wall done toward the road and started putting the tools away. We put all the critters in for the night and since Vicki fed and watered them all early... we were then free to head to our neighbor Charlie's house for linguini and white clam sauce, which is one of his famous dishes. The man can definitely cook! We had a little wine before dinner, with dinner and after dinner with a little espresso and Romana Sambvca.
He had a bottle of espresso flavored vodka which we tried and decided it was excellent. Vicki doesn't do the liquor thing and she thought it was delicious. I don't remember the name of it, but Vicki's Dad would love it, because he loves espresso.
Tomorrow, we will work on the rear wall of the gift shop and possibly run to GNH for the needed 2x4's for the gable ends, which we can close in also. I need to cut the fly rafters for the roof ends too. We'll take some updated pictures of all the work in the daylight for sure tomorrow.

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