Monday, October 19

Monday October 19th... The Back Wall is Up, So Tomorrow the Last Wall and Fly Rafters Go Up...

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Today Joe, our barn cleaner and hired hand showed up as I was just finishing up shearing the second Angora bunny. There is one more female to shear and then a three month wait to shear again. We got a pair of carding paddles on eBay and they seem to work well and Donna, the acquaintance from Athens who will be teaching us felting has a pair to give us also. She is such a nice lady...I think she will become a good friend once we get to know each other a little more. We met her in May when we sheared the Alpacas at Isabelle's farm, and later she came here to buy Iggy's fiber to use in her felting. Anyway, I'll be processing some of the Angora and Alpaca fiber into mats, so that Vick can spin it into yarn.
Joe cleaned all the barns and helped me take the air conditioners out of the windows and store them in the Wilson house for the winter.
When we went to Agway for feed, wood chips and to pick up the wire needed to make the two new cages for the bunnies, we stopped at GNH lumber and ordered the roof for the gift shop. It is supposed to come in next Tuesday. The purlins are stacked out there and tomorrow we are going to put the fly rafters up and finish the roof so it is ready for the purlins to be installed. It will then be ready for the roofing and trim pieces. Once the roof is on, all that's left to seal it up for the winter is to set the pre-hung door and windows into place. After that, all the work will be inside until next spring when we put the final touches on it and fill the inside with merchandise to sell for Columbia-Greene Hospice. We can't wait!

We ran into a small unexpected snag with the note cards Vick is selling on the web page. She used a picture from a Washington County breeder's web site, as a model for one of the dogs she painted for the note card set. She emailed the lady a copy of the watercolor painting she did of her dog from the web site and the lady went ballistic in a return email about copyright infringement and told her to remove the picture from the note card set. I find it hard to understand why this lady demands Vick remove the picture, since 100% of the net proceeds of the note card set goes to the hospice program and Vick makes nothing at all from it. Seems a little selfish to me since it was not an actual copy of the photograph. It has a completely different background, size and color and the animal's name wasn't used. Vick emailed her a copy, thinking she would be happy that a picture of her dog was used to create a watercolor for the note card set that would be helping to raise money for hospice. WE WERE WRONG. I won't use the lady's name or the name of her kennel, because it really doesn't matter. The copyright law states that if the subject of a picture is of an animal or object in nature and cannot be shown in a different manner, (all yellow labs appear the same, you know...) then it isn't infringement, because they will all appear alike. An animals name, a company name, a persons name or a business name cannot be used and using the image must not impact negatively on the owners earning power, business or character. Vick's watercolor painting does none of these. Let's face wouldn't matter if Vicki went to California and painted a yellow lab, this lady could say it looks just like hers. So.... I guess we'll just forget about it and wipe this lady's name off our "nice person we want to get to know list". It seems there is a bunch of this type of people in Washington County! At least three I know of.............

Now back to a positive note again about hospice. Below are pictures of today's progress. Tomorrow should be great. We plan to dedicate the entire day to building out there. Anyway, check out the pictures of OUR personal donation to the cause of hospice and palliative care in Columbia-Greene County...Loving and giving back

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