Tuesday, October 20

Tues. October 20th... The Last Wall Was Done This Morning, Then Disaster Struck...

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I got an early start this morning on the last of the walls. I started early with the flashing around the bottom to seal out any rain or moisture which could wick under the siding and the wall plate. I then started the fifteen foot wall with two windows in it and finished it just as Vick was coming out. We took a little break, then went to the Vet and picked up some meds for Beary, stopped at Boehm's orchard for apples and then stopped in Coxsackie for Pizza at Paul's. When we returned home, we went back to work and everything we did was wrong and had to be done all over again. It didn't fail once! Every board we cut had to re-measured, or trimmed or be cut all over again. Finally after trying to get the second fly rafter up for the third time, I got pissed and told Vick that I was done. At that point, I didn't give a damned if that board ever got put up or not. My temper is a huge issue at times for anyone within 100 yards of me...I admit. Thank God Vick has never seen me actually mad.... in fact, no one close to me now has ever seen me loose my temper and I never will allow anyone here to see me ever flip out. When I start to get to the threshold, I just walk away and cool off. It's best that way.

I believe there are still some people that think Vicki was infringing on that lady's ownership of the picture of her yellow lab on her web page and said so in no uncertain terms. She went on to respectfully ask her to remove it from the website and the note card set, telling Vick that she did not, NOR will ever have her permission to use her picture. Reluctantly, I redid the web site and removed it, only because she used the word "respectfully", but this is not to be construed that because I removed it, I think Vicki committed an infringement. I positively do not think she infringed upon the ladies picture, because she only used her dog as an object model for her painting. Had she reproduced the exact picture for personal profit, then yes, but she did not. Had we not told the lady and sent her a copy of the finished watercolor, (a year later) she would have never known it was her picture of the dog anyway.
One of the recent comments on the blog mentioned the following:
"its good Vicki sent the woman a copy now, so she can show her a-- now, instead of suing you later and costing a lot of money to hire an attorney. We live and learn, don't we? Someone you thought was a nice person, you have wisely crossed off your list of friends..."
So fine, we have now seen she is an ass and have taken the picture off the web page and the note card set on the web site. Have a really nice day lady.... hope you never need to use hospice because you may now feel guilty about doing so. If you ever do though, fear not, because they won't care...they will take care of you anyway, no matter what you say or do. Besides, people will still help support the hospice program by purchasing the note cards even though that dog isn't in the set on the web site anymore.

Tomorrow, we'll try the fly rafters again... Maybe things will go better...

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