Tuesday, October 13

Tues. Oct. 13th... Getting used to Google Chrome and Mozilla Foxfire...WILD!!

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I recently downloaded Google Chrome because of its claimed speed, which is as good as they say, but there is no toolbar unless you download Google or some other available toolbar. I chose Google toolbar because I am most familiar with it, but now...it must run with the Foxfire browser instead of IE8. All this is a little time consuming when it comes to trying to do usual mundane functions like posting a simple blog entry with pictures, but believe me, small changes institute large headaches sometimes until you get on to the new system. Thus is my world right now. Nothing works as it did before and as soon as I figure one thing out, I see I don't have another that I used to, so I try to figure it out and find it won't work with the other new item, and then it's on, and on, and on.....

Looks like today will be a recovery day or a work in the barn day for a little while since it is rainy and ugly out there. As soon as that drying sun returns, we're ready to resume the rafter cutting and installing. Things are moving along quite nicely out there again, since we've gotten beyond the drain and bowed concrete issues left us by the contractor who laid the pad. We figured how to use a footer drain to deal with the water issue and built the bow out of the concrete with the deck, so that issue will be nicely hidden. Anyway, since it is raining today, we'll put the cover material on the entry door for the alpacas today. They also need their Ivermectin shots today also, so we'll take care of those items and shoot the turkeys while we're at it too. Gotta stop or prevent that lung worm that killed Timmy the turkey last spring.

If we feel up to it, we can also install some lighting in the loft of the barn, which needs done, along with a few receptacles. We've just simply resorted to doing other outside tasks and left these remain for days such as this. If Vick doesn't feel up to all this, or my knees crap put, there's always the couch and pellet stove to cuddle in front of or this writing machine and my next book......

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