Monday, October 12

Mon Eve, Oct. 12th... Made some nice headway on the gift shop today... NICE!!

We took off for Hilltown Agway this morning after Joe showed up to clean the barn. We went for wood shavings so he could scatter them on the floors after cleaning. They are simply easier to clean up than hay when spread around on the floor. On the way home, we stopped at Jacob & Owens for lunch, where I had a Philly cheese steak with fries. GOOD a good price.

When we got home, we jumped right into building of the gift shop and got the porch posts up and the headers on, then fitted the first eighteen foot rafter into place and another for a template for tomorrow. Below are a couple pictures I took in the dark of today's progress. Tomorrow if it rains we'll work in the barn.

I just started using Google Chrome on IE8 and love it. The screen is so cool...

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