Monday, October 12

Monday Oct. 12th... Off to Agway for wood chips for Joe to spread later on...

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This morning we'll visit our friends at the Hilltown Agway, where we'll pick up several bales of wood chips for spreading throughout the chicken house and barns. They do such a nice job of containing doo-doo and are easy to shovel up later, unlike hay which binds together causing us to lift huge slabs of wet hay that kills your back. The wood chips shovel easily and you can rake them around on the compost pile too.
When we get back from the Agway run, we'll start working on the gift shop deck posts and roofing again. I'd like to achieve getting all four posts, the header and a bunch of the rafters placed today. That will define the building and allow us to install the flashing around the bottom plate and start the board and batten siding. We can also order the steel roofing when we are ready too.
For now though, we're off to the races..........

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