Friday, November 13

Friday The 13th... We Ain't Sceared-Da-No-Nuttin'......... Spessly a dumb ol' number thirteen!!!!!

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I always find it a bit funny how some people won't get out of bed on Friday the 13th. Some won't go anywhere, others call off of work and won't drive. Not us!!!! We got up early this morning and spent the day with Vick's Mom and Dad in Albany. At one point, we took a break and stopped at the price chopper for coffee and bagels, where we all sat at one of Price Choppers tables and sipped hot coffee, munched on toasted bagels and chatted the better part of an hour. Later at home, we showed them the gift shop and in the afternoon, took off for The Door Jam, in Shokan to pick up the wooden grids for the windows. We also picked up the crank and locking levers with trim pieces before heading to Lexington to have dinner with Vick's brother & family. A good time was had by all there and we then headed for home. When we arrived, we turned the dogs out to run, fed and watered the stock in the barns, then placed the grids into the windows to see how they looked. Man ol' man, did they ever make a difference. They were definitely worth the money it took to get them and the other hardware packet.

We stripped the guest room bed and remade it for our company from New Jersey tomorrow. Vicks oldest friend and husband are coming up for a visit and hopefully will stay over night so we can chat and catch up on each others lives. This will be the first visit to the farm since Vick moved from Jersey, so we're hoping they enjoy it and the scenery. We will probably enjoy dinner at Hollowbrook Farm Restaurant if they do stay over. They should arrive tomorrow afternoon around 1:00PM. Hope they have an enjoyable trip up the thruway and a pleasant visit.

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