Saturday, November 14

Saturday November 14th... Scott and Bonnie Will Soon Cast Off, Up The Hudson...

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It's Coming Rapidly Folks!
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It really doesn't matter that Vick's best friend Bonnie and her husband Scott are coming from central Jersey, by way of the Garden State and NY Thruway or whether they would be navigating a ship up the Hudson River... they will be traveling in about the same conditions....WATER...and lots of it! It has been raining, non-stop, all night long and everything in the yard is soaking wet. There are puddles of standing water everywhere. Even the hospice gift shop has puddles surrounding it. We installed a footer drain all around the foundation to drain water away from it, so there wouldn't be any standing water near it, but it is lying wet around the perimeter of the shop anyway.
Wow, I can't believe we are almost half way through November already! Before you know it, we will have already eaten our Thanksgiving Day dinner and we'll be taking the Christmas decorations down, preparing for the long spell between the holidays and spring. I'm sure that winter will fly by too, because we want to work on the inside of the gift shop, the hay loft and front office area of the barn. Hopefully, Adam will get the soffit closed up for us this week, to stop the cold air from whistling through the loft this winter. We also need to get a large load of hay this coming week, if it is at all possible. We gotta call Johnnie S. down the road, to see if he still has lots of hay to sell. A hundred bales would be nice for starters. Our friend told us about a place in Coxsackie, where we can buy shelled corn in bulk rather cheaply, so we're gonna see about a truckload of shelled corn too. Having hay for the Alpacas and Angora bunnies, plus corn for the chickens stored here in quantity, makes for an easier winter.
Carol, one of our artist friends, was just here for eggs and informed us that she has arranged for her once-a-month painting session in the library to start again in January. She cancels it in the summer months because everyone has other interests then. It's a nice time when all the local area artists meet to paint or draw and just what Vick and I like to do most winter evenings. I thought about joining the writing group that meets weekly in the library, but you know...I don't think that's for me. I'm more of a "to myself" author, writing what I feel and in my own style. I'm really not...nor have I ever been, a conformist to anything set in stone. I usually marched to my own drummer in about everything I've ever done, or continue to do to this very day. Sometimes that is not such a popular avenue to pursue, but that's how I've always lived my life.
DIFFERENT... quite different indeed.

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