Saturday, November 21

Sat. Nov. 21st... Added Encouragement Spurs Renewed Commitment to Book #2

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This is the preliminary cover for my next book, which I am now doing re-writes on, but all who have seen the cover so far, agree that the puppy should be in it, so we are re-shooting the picture with Snavely Mill, the subject puppy included.

With yesterday's sale of five books to the Catskill Mountain Foundation book store, I received a much needed boost to my desire of publishing my second book entitled, "It All Began With a Puppy, Our Uncommon Journey". It is a biography telling the astounding story of how Vicki and I met through personal tragedies, which pulled us together, lending support of one another and a growing friendship as a result. That friendship blossomed into a relationship of extraordinary occurrences, which we have viewed as miracles that were bestowed upon us, as a result of our strong spiritual faith. As a result, we have ended up together, married and living our life long dreams, which are paralleled and almost exactly alike. It tells of our hard work and the creation of the farm and gift shop, which is truly our labor of love.
I cannot explain the excitement of selling those five copies of my book to Carolyn Bennett, Director of the Village Square Bookstore & Literary Arts Center in Hunter, New York yesterday. It certainly has nothing to do with money, but more the immediate excitement Carolyn exhibited with my book and wanting me to schedule a public reading of it there. It has been a life long dream of mine to become a self published author, one that wrote, edited and performed all the intricate tasks involved with taking my idea from a thought concept, to a publication, on a book store shelf.
I wrote the poems, designed the cover, created the introduction, asked my artistically talented wife Vicki, to do illustrations for the book. Next I arranged, edited and produced the PDF digital files and sent them to my cousin in Mississippi who used her professional proof reading skills to do the proofing for me. After making corrections, I sent the files to a large printer in Pennsylvania, who simply printed the material as they received it and shipped me the books.
With the help of my wife Vicki and my cousin Bonnie, I was able to finally achieve a life long dream of becoming a published author.
Possibly with Carolyn's help and enthusiasm, I may become an accomplished, published author. I'm extremely psyched at that possibility!

Today, we will install the cupola on the gift shop and take pictures of it and the gridded windows for all to see here later. After that, I have no idea what we will pursue the rest of the day, but we will have pictures this evening for you to see

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