Friday, November 20

Friday, Nov. 20th... Excitedly Sold Five Books Today...Not the $$, But Excited Where I Sold Them!!!

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Today we went up onto the mountain to take Vick's Mom and Dad home. When they wanted to stop for their mail at the post office, I went across the street and into the Catskill Mountain Foundation book store with a half dozen of my poetry books. I wanted to talk to the operator and see if they would consider placing my book into their store, making it available for purchase. Until now, I had tried the Booksmith in Greenville, who informed me they weren't interesting in trying to perpetuate local artists. She said that she did try one other book of a local artist and it didn't sell at all. With that, she pointed to an obscurely placed, lone book beside the cash register, lying amongst other papers and such on the end of the counter. I would have never known it was a local artist's book for sale, had she not pointed it out. I do have a donated copy in the Greenville Library and one for sale on display in the Hollowbrook Farm Winery and Restaurant on route 32, south of Greenville. That was the only book displayed for sale to the public locally until today. I do have the book available on our web sites , and here on our daily blog where it can be bought using Pay-Pal or a credit card.
I was asked to do a scheduled reading of my book in Hunter at the Catskill Mountain Foundation book store, but I informed Carolyn that I was a little apprehensive about a reading until she read the poetry and then if she thought it a good idea, I would consider a reading. I feel that every person who writes a book is an author...and every author usually considers them selves an accomplished author. I on the other hand, want to earn the distinction of being an accomplished author by someone experienced and fully capable of bestowing that honor upon me solely based on the merits of my work, not just the fact that I have a published book. If Carolyn feels my work is good enough to be read publicly in the book store, then I would consider the honor of doing so.
When asked if she was interested, she informed me that she was, in fact, very interested in bringing local talent to light in the community. She bluntly stated that she did not like consignments, because they are an easy way of getting rid of a person and jamming the book into a corner, to be forgotten. I agreed and was delighted to sell her five books for a sales display in the store. I also gave her a copy of the Long Island Press Release which appeared on their web site post of 10/24, two days after my book was released. I am truly indebted to Carolyn for her kind interest and the time she gave to me talking about our farm, Vick's art and my book...

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