Thursday, November 19

Thurs. Nov. 19th... Into Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall... We have Downpours...

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We wanted to put the cupola up on the gift shop today. We did all the calculating and marking of the roof pitches onto the cupola sides and cut it out, but had to paint it forest green before we could actually put it on the roof. Today, after coming from Albany, we carried the cupola outside and set it up on the saw horses and Vicki painted it a beautiful green that matched the roofing perfectly... Now all we had to do was wait until it dried and place it onto the roof and lag it down. We came into the house to allow it to dry.
About twenty minutes, Vick went outside to feed the animals so that would be done when it got dark, because tonight was the last of Stanley's art class and she wanted to be fed and ready to put them away for the night, so we could also eat and be ready for class by 6:45. Class was at 7:00 PM. When she went out, she discovered that it was sprinkling rain, so she called me on the cell and I ran out and we picked the cupola up and took it inside the gift shop, along with the roof section. It looks as though we might put the cupola up this weekend or early next week, if we are busy or the weather is bad. Oh well, we're off to the art class...

OK...We're back from Stan's art class and it's over until next year! We had fun, but I didn't really learn anything much. Vick always chokes at the classes, and then does phenomenal work here on her own... Go figure??? I did tell Stanley that I noticed he did not paint his example tree the same colors or style that I did and asked him why he didn't make his look like mine came out. He just said, "I dunno...I'm sorry." In one way, we're glad the class is over and in another, we'll miss it and the people who are there just like us...loving to paint and enjoying the camaraderie of the group.
We will meet with our regular painting/drawing group starting the first Monday in January, or the fourth as it happens in January. This group of artists consists of many of the students which have met eachother at Stanley's classes and wish to continue with the group meeting concept to share techniques and ideas. There is no cost and you come if you can...simply show up at the lower entrance of the library art gallery door, at seven o'clock on the first Monday of every month starting in January 2010.
As soon as we get the cupola on the gift shop, we'll snap a few new pictures of the almost completed outside...all we need to do is install five 4x8 sheets of
T-111 on the ceiling of the porch and the outside will be done. After that...the electrical installation and insulation.

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