Wednesday, November 18

Wednesday, Nov. 18th... Day Three of Stanley's Art Class... We're A Paintin'...

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We've been running like a steam engine lately... Chuga Chug Chug Chug... working on the cupola for the gift shop, tending animals, eating and then painting...we barely have time to do anything else. Vicki wanted to paint the cupola louvers and housing forest green to match the roof, because we decided the white sided louvers, the copper colored roof and the forest green roof, would be too many colors. After its painted green, it will blend in with the roof and the copper colored top on the cupola will look very quaint. Tomorrow when the sun is up, Vick can spray it and once it's dried, we'll throw it up onto the roof and lock it down. Then we'll post a picture of the finished project.
Gotta go... Have art class at 7:00 and I got to get ready... But now you know what's going on here and why we're not posting like normal......

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