Tuesday, November 17

Tues. Nov. 17th... It's A Beautiful Day in Pennsylva.... ehh, er...ahhh, New York...

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Some years ago, when I lived in Pennsylvania, a notable radio talk show host used to start his daily program with that saying. The funny thing was...at times I looked out the window as he was making his opening statement and it would be snowing or raining cats and dogs, but to him...just being there was cause enough to make that opening statement every day. Well... here, it is usually always a beautiful day in New York, and yesterday I had many emails and a couple blog comments telling me so...and encouraging me to, "hang in there" and that "your funk will end and everything will look better tomorrow". Well most were right and yes, I am moving on and looking toward tomorrow and the holidays.
What I was really trying to point out was that, when we were young...we were carefree! Those around us were always looking out for us as we "played"... and yes, sometimes
even into adulthood, parents and friends suggested we sometimes do this or that for our own good, since we "failed to see the trees for the forest" in our decision making sometimes. Once we reached adulthood and watched those around us, we became aware of the "sentinel duties" toward the younger as they played...just as we had, and now... we were suggesting and recommending routes and changes to be made, as they blindly stumbled, happily upon their way...
Who hasn't looked back to remember childhood days when everything was in a hustle bustle... holiday smells adorning the house... knowing that company was coming and you were beside yourself with glee and anticipation? Everyone has those memories to some extent and they are wonderful! Thank God for those cherished memories of old times, special times and the new times and those memories we'll make this coming holiday season.
Before my Mom died, she made me promise to trim a Christmas tree for her every year. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I placed a tree on her grave every year. Now I continue to trim that same Christmas tree and place it on the porch of our little outbuilding that she would have loved and we light it in her memory. Promise kept!
It's not on her grave, some 8½ hours from here, but right here...where her memory lives in me. I place the reminder of her love for Christmas, right here where I can see it daily!
My Dad and I talk daily on the phone, since he got sick and can no longer come here twice a year for his month long stay. Vick and I both miss his visits. She loved cooing over him and doing special little things for him that he liked. She helped him find channels on the TV and quized him about places he would like to go to see or places to eat. She made sure he had clean clothes, his medicines on time and that he was comfy when he went to bed, making sure he had blankets and enough heat in the bedroom in cold weather or was cool enough in the summer heat. Vicki was truely the daughter he never had. She always kissed him on the cheek and called him Dad. She was instrumental in setting up a huge, catered 80th birthday party for him and inviting about thirty or so people to help him celebrate. Her family and our friends who met Dad were all in attendance. He knew them all and was extremely happy with the event and talked many times about it...even now at times...
He liked that and held her in very high esteem.....
He now lives in an amazingly nice assisted living facility which he loves, with his new wife that he met and married there. I am so happy for him to have found another lady to spend his golden years with, because he was very, very lonely after my Mom passed and he was living alone. She is extremely nice and tells me she loves me every time I talk to her on the phone. She is not my Mother, but then... I am not her son either and she accepted me when she married Dad. My Mom lives in the hearts of all who knew her and loved her. Rose, lives with my Dad and has also taken residence in my heart with my Mom...I like it that way.

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