Saturday, November 28

Saturday, Nov. 28th... Today...then Two More Days Until December... Brrrrrr

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Although winter solstice does not occur until December 21st 2009, we can expect to see cold weather from now on. I suppose it is all the better for the holiday seasons, because the Christmas season isn't the same if it's not cold outside. Keeping with the traditions of old... one must experience a tingle in both your blood and your heart during the Christmas season. Thoughts always race back to our youth so we can relive Christmas past with our dearly departed family members and it actually sets the mood for the coming holiday season. Tonight, we'll put up the tree and other related Christmas items. I have several old decorations from my Mom's original trove of antique Christmas stuff.

Perhaps later I will card some of the dyed fiber from Luke which Vick has cleaned and dyed, using Kool-Aid and food coloring. When we do, we'll take some pictures of it so you can see how beautifully it cards out. She will then be able to spin the fiber into yarn for knitting.
We just got back from a ride to Cairo where we got some prescriptions filled at the CVS drugstore. After leaving there, we went to Coxsackie for pizza at Paul's. We took the scenic route down through Gayhead to Earlton and then down route 81 to Coxsackie. It's a nice rural area with a lot of wildlife and ponds or lakes. Now that we're back, I suppose we'll concentrate on the Christmas tree and decorations.

Wahoo... the Christmas tree is up and lit! Now it's a matter of placing all the decorations on it. We need a zip strip to plug the light into so we can just hit one switch to turn everything off. There is one in the barn loft, so we'll get it tomorrow and bring it in. For now though...we have eggs to do, fiber to card and prepare so Vick can start spinning it this evening. She does great at spinning and fact, you'd think she did spinning in another life or something. I never saw anyone spin so consistent! Her fiber is so uniform; you'd think it was made on a machine controlled spinner. It usually takes years to become that uniform in hand spinning...both on a drop spindle or wheel. Vick is doing it like a pro after a very short time. She's just an amazing lady!!!!!!
Below are some pictures of the various Alpaca fiber we have processed, dyed and are now carding the first time around. The pink that has almost felted in process, (by mistake) was dyed using Rit dye and we are now carding it out of the near felted condition, which you see in the blue bag. The blue and red fiber needs to be carded yet. It was dyed using Kool-Aid and works much better. We will do more photos in the next day or so, showing you what the fibers look like when carded into roving bats, ready for spinning.

The carding paddles

The nearly felted fiber (left)

the 1st round carded fiber (in bag)

This is 1st round carded fiber... It could be spun right now, but will make thicker bats in the next two cardings.

A few more minutes and this fiber would have been felted forever....

The fiber dyed with Kool-Aid

Look at the colors.... Beautiful and more so when carded into roving bats.
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