Friday, November 27

Friday Nov. 27th... Only 28 Days til Christmas... Just yesterday, it was summer...

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November 27th and we're off...whirling at the warp speed thought only achievable by the "Star Ship Enterprise" of Star Trek fame. I know we better get our butts into gear and put the Christmas tree up and decorate where ever and what ever we want to, because it will only seem like tomorrow until we'll have to take those decorations right back down, to be put away again. It seems as though time is again flying, as the days whip by and the months flash past us, as if we were leafing through pages in a magazine.

Just an hour ago, we went to the grocery store for a few things, and found that tonight must have been the tree lighting ceremony at the library park in Greenville. I don't know where the silly people of this quaint little town advertizes its events, but I bet there are never large turnouts for anything around here! Had we not driven by, we would not have known it was happening. We saw a handful of people standing around an open fire of sorts, and faintly heard some music, so I'd guess they light the trees in the park and library lawn and sing Christmas Carols or something. Again...who'd know, unless you knew where to look for announcements of town events?

I think tomorrow, we will get our tree out, put it up and trim it with decorations, then go outside and put up the garland and wreath on the new gift shop. I'll play Christmas music outside and we'll string some lights on the gift shop porch, etc.
I want to put my Mom's little Christmas tree that I erect every year in her memory onto the porch in one corner and light it up too. We'll be the only ones there, because we are not going to advertise the event. That's how you do things here.

Next Friday... December 4th... we're heading to Central Pennsylvania to see my ailing Dad and his new wife before the nasty winter weather blows in. We'll leave around 4AM and drive down, to arrive at the assisted living facility sometime around mid morning, then spend the day with them and come back home that evening. It's a good five or six hour trip, one way and should be an interesting adventure, to say the least. Dad has Parkinson's disease, Diabetes and recently has had some circulation problems in his legs, so they put him on new medicine and he is really tripped out. He can't carry a conversation by phone anymore and sometimes, doesn't even know me, so my visit is sure to be an eye opening experience. I haven't seen Dad since August of 2007 and I'm sure I'll not be ready for what I will be met with. When he left after his last visit, Vick and I put him on a train at the Newark, New Jersey rail station in 2007. At that time, he was walking, driving and living alone at home...Now, he is in an assisted living facility, in a wheelchair, and has just sustained injuries from a really severe fall in the bathroom and the day after, fell out of bed. He is all cut and bruised...confused and incoherent at times now.
Life goes on... at break neck speed... leaving us all slowly whither away and disappear from the mainstream, into a home or worse. We should all live like there will be no tomorrow, for it may come to pass that there won't be...for some of us.

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