Thursday, November 26

Thurs. Nov. 26th... HAPPY THANKSGIVING ONE AND ALL... Be Kind To Someone.

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Vicki and I hope everyone has a very happy and satisfying Thanksgiving this year. We are taking Thanksgiving to our friends Isabelle and Ralph's house in Coxsackie, in anticipation of their return late this evening or tomorrow morning. We want them to enjoy a Thanksgiving Day meal without having to make it themselves or going out to a restaurant somewhere. They will enjoy turkey, filling, cranberry sauce, gravy, candied sweet potatoes, Italian green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. Um, Um, Good!!!!! If you have a friend or someone who may be a shut in due to health problems or hard times this year, share your Thanksgiving with them. Yours will mean much, much more after sharing it with someone in need.

We're off to Vick's parents and her brother's house for dinner later in the day. It's been a nice Thanksgiving here with Vicki... and the puppies...

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