Sunday, November 22

Sunday Nov. 22nd... We Got A Lot of Nothing Done Today...And Done Correctly...

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Today we did a bunch of things that needed done for awhile. First, I gave a guided tour to a reader from Clifton Park, who visited with two other fellows while they were in the area hunting. They spent about a half hour here, watching the critters, looking at the barn and talking. We always take time to talk to visitors and show them around. After buying a dozen eggs, they were on their way and I prepared to go for feed at Hilltown Agway.
Vick and I jumped into the truck and off we went to see the guys at Hilltown and pick up layer pellets, cracked corn and wood chips. With the back of the truck filled to capacity, we returned to unload it. After a bite of lunch, we went to Story's Nursery and picked up two Barberry plants we purchased about a month or two ago, which they then held for us, since we weren't driving the truck that day. When we returned home, I unloaded the plants at the gift shop where they will be planted, loaded feed into the little trailer behind the tractor and filled all the feed barrels at each feed location. When I parked the tractor and threw the bags into the garbage, I brought seven bags of pellets from the tractor shed onto the front porch in case it got cold enough to keep the pellet stove running all week long.
We have been having a problem with the gas fireplace upstairs, which we use to generate extra heat at night. It has an odor of burnt gas, kind of like an exhaust leak or something. We had it fixed every year since we got the stove from a stove dealer down the road, and just stopped in there again, one day last week. He said to check the pipe on the roof to be sure that bees or birds didn't make a nest in the pipe or cap this past summer, which would cause this type of a problem. I knew there wasn't going to be any nest or any other obstructions in the pipe, but I went onto the roof anyway and removed the top and looked down the pipe to the stove. I'd say that the sealer used around the wrong part between the stove and pipe probably cracked again and is leaking when the wind is blowing, causing a positive pressure on the exhaust of the stove. That would cause the gas exhaust to leak out into the room, rather than go up the stove pipe with wind pushing its way back down the pipe. The connector ring was missing when we bought the stove and the part George bought wasn't the right one either...twice! I suspect we will have trouble until George (the stove guy) finally orders the correct collar to connect the stove pipe to the stove housing. If he can't order the part, the stove will never be right and we'll have to buy a new stove. What would be new????? We've had trouble with everything we ever bought up here. In fact, we've had to buy a second one of everything, every time, no matter what. When we built the new kitchen...we had to fire the stooges we had as contractors and tear the new $5000.00 kitchen cabinets out, bought another kitchen from GNH Lumber to be installed, and put the first set of cabinets in the basement. The stooges were to supply GE Profile appliances, but brought us contractor grade appliances. We threw the stooges out! Vick and I went to Lowe's and bought all new appliances. The refrigerator burnt up in a week...they replaced it. We hated it and replaced it after a year. The old one (if you want to call it that) is in the barn, holding eggs. The dish washer was damaged and they replaced it. The microwave was wrong and had to be replaced... Bar none or nothing... everything was faulty or damaged. If we have a contractor, they either screw it up, start it and then never return or promise and never come at all. We end up doing everything ourselves or we have trouble. I know that Vick and I could make a mint up here as a contractor couple! We've already had requests to build garages and an expansion to an existing art studio. We just smile and say, "Sorry...we're retired and futz around doing this stuff only for ourselves ." If only we were younger and we didn't have the political bullcrap everywhere you go...

Anyway...we got a bunch of stuff done today. It's nice that we are done with all the big building stuff, because you can whittle a list rapidly when it's all little tasks that take between one minute to one hour... ABOUT TIME!

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