Tuesday, November 24

Tues. Nov. 24th Went To Bed Feeling Badly...Awoke Feeling Better...These Sinuses!!!

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Toward the end of the day yesterday, I started ailing profusely with my knees and sinus discomfort. The rain was coming, which now announces its arrival through my knees! They do not seem to bother me since I got those injections of Cortisone, except for the day before it is to rain, and it ceases to ache when it rains. Strange I thought...my Mother had pain just before and all during a particular rainy period, but not me. I guess I'm lucky that way.
Last evening however, my knees ached due to the impending rain today, but on top of that, I was to enjoy a flare up of my post nasal drip problems as well and I began to become nauseous last evening after dinner. I went to bed at six o'clock and didn't get up until six this morning, feeling much better, but still sporting a pinpoint, eye punching, headache just above my right eye and tenderness between my eye and nose...indicating that today could turn into another fun time, if I don't pop a pill to open my sinuses.

Yesterday, we spent the Day with Vick's Mom and Dad and we were from Albany to Catskill and everywhere in between, enjoying the day and their company.
Today, we'll take off again to see what we can see. It's nice to have them spend a few days with us, even though they only live an hour away. It gives them a little break from the everyday routine and we always love spending time with them.

Thursday, we'll spend the day at Vick's brother and parent's house for Thanksgiving. There will be plenty of good food and fun for all that day, as we eat, chat and laugh the day away.....

For now, I think I'll spend a little more time doing edits and re-writes to book #2.

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