Thursday, November 5

Thurs. Nov. 5th... I've Been Violated...Saved and Restored All in one Day with Norton...

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I got up this morning at 6:00 as usual, kicked the rear slider open and turned the dogs loose to run, started coffee and sat down in front of the computer, only to see a huge square box from my Norton Anti-virus program. It informed me that security was breeched and Norton would not start! It also said that I had to remove my Norton Program and reload it. RED FLAG!!!!!!! Usually you get this message when an unscrupulous actor invades your computer, which is exactly what happen. First, you're told to remove your old version of the program. Next they give you a link to re-install it, but it is a link that really allow them to invade your personal data and you've actually taken them by the hand and invited them in to steal your identity, personal data stored in your computer and your entire email address book, so they can do it to many, many more people. That is why I immediately throw up a RED FLAG as soon as I see these. This one, however was different. It told me to remove my program first, thus trapping the invader inside the removed program, then to re-boot the computer to make sure it was gone, then I was directed to go to the Symantec home page and enter my order number (which we all keep when we buy the program) and download their fresh new program from there. They did not give me a link to Symantec, but instead said to use my browser and go to their home page. Then, after finding my account and downloading it, I was instructed to use our old activation code number to open it and resume our service. At least I trust this! It is a welcome change, opposed to guessing whether it is a legitimate problem or not. At least I am going to Symantec's Norton site and downloading a "clean" program. The problem is that it is now 8:58...two hours and fifty minutes later...after finding I had a problem. (I did save and download my Norton removal tool, installation link and their store homepage into my external hard drive for future reference and time saving later) OK, so done...over...complete and no harm done. Thank you Norton Anti-Virus.... You were worth changing over to from my old program.

Yesterday we headed to Troy for my Doctors appointment at 2:30 in the afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised (if that is possible in a Dr.'s office) with the report that all my tests came back ok. So why was I there then? Good question!
He believes it is a pusteous psoriasis which he is going to treat. He is also going to give me the three series shots to the knees of the lubricant to try that and see if it will do any good. They usually like to use it in the early stages of Arthritis, but as he said... if you're going to replace those knees anyway, what do you have to loose? Maybe it will prolong the replacement with pain free years... Sounds pretty good to me. Upon leaving the Doctor's office, we went to Kim's and picked up Vick's finished artwork. BEAUTIFUL! Kim did an excellent job of printing with the Giclee fine art prints. Now all we have to do is matte and frame them.
Today we are going to work on the gift shop a little more, but want to take a trip to our friend Isabelle's to see her before she leaves for a needed medical procedure, somewhere in Boston. We want to visit and help to boost her moral with future promises of her and Vick doing spinning classes and other farm related, fun type projects that they both enjoy.
The gift shop is in really good shape right now, but still needs little things like the cupola installed, the ends of the rafters cut off under the porch to be ready for the ceiling material to be added and the door knob and lock installed. Trim around the windows and battens next to the windows need completed then know what I mean, trim and boring stuff. Well, I suppose I should get crackin... there are things to do.

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