Thursday, November 12

Thursday, November 12th... Just Another Day in Hootersville, NY... Jeeze Um...

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Never...I repeat, Never make fun of another place in the world being backward and unsophisticated until you look closely at the place you reside! I know people made fun of my little hometown of Granville and the larger metropolis of Lewistown, just a little further down the road. Lewistown, PA... was an "All American City", and boasting an unemployment rate of some eight percent in the mid-seventies, when the President of the United States bestowed the honorary status of the above distinction for making such a fantastic economical recovery after the great flood of 1972. Even there, which we residents all thought was a joke, had a post office that was open throughout the lunch hour. Our town council and workers also worked a full day at performing their duties.
Here, our illustrious post office closes from 1:00 PM until 2:00 Pm every day...with the three or so employees all sitting together for that hour, interrupting everyone's business for that hour of the day.
Worse yet are the offices of the town hall, where most officials work a terribly arduous day of 8:00Am until 10:00. No.....please don't be mistaken, it's not a fourteen hour job...simply the two, little hours between the 8 and the 10 in the morning.
We have been working on the gift shop and are now at another standstill as we await the code enforcer... which is among the missing again, just as he was when we called for the inspection of the foundation before pouring it. I'm glad we finally took a few pictures and went on with the pouring of concrete, because he has never shown up yet...and that would have been a long time to wait, because we called for the inspection in the early spring. Oh well, I think we now have to wait, because we surely can't wire and insulate, then close the walls up without his inspection.
Want a good laugh? As I am writing this, a knock comes to the door and guess what? It's the building inspector, here to inspect the gift shop. That took all of three minutes and a few uh-huh's, a couple humm's and an Okey doughkey and we were inspected and can now do the wiring and insulation. He was a nice, friendly guy though. That was a refreshing change and I appreciated least.

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