Wednesday, November 11

Wed. November 11th... There Are Good Days and Then There Are Bad Days......

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What I considered a good day all day long, took a massive nose dive just a few minutes ago when Vick opened an email from a good friend, saying her husband has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Not only does he have a mass in his lung, but they say it has metastasized to the liver and bone. He starts Chemo shortly and goes for other tests to see if it is really in the liver or bone, and we pray for the best. Our heart goes out to Harvey and Joan as we ask all of you to pray tonight for a great and kind man and his wife. We offer the hope of knowing that Lance Armstrong also was diagnosed with all this and he beat it and is now a survivor. There is always hope! Hope that Harvey will also be a survivor. Joan just lost her sister to cancer a few weeks ago also, so this was her second dose of bad news. Let's pray to God this evening and ask him to turn this around and cut both Harvey and Joan a break. Faith and prayer is one powerful please friends...find a place for Harvey and Joan in your prayers tonight.

We just finished the banisters on the porch of the hospice gift shop and finished the window trim and battens on the end opposite the road. We can do the window trim on the porch, but cannot do the battens until the ceiling is installed. We'll have to go to Lowe's or GNH for T-111 for the ceiling and once it is in place, then the battens can be installed against it. We also need to do the trim and battens on the road end, then all the outside work will be completed and we'll have to move to the inside.
How nice it feels to come into the house, after working outside. We have the pellet stove burning and it feels so cozy and comfy in here when your cheeks are cold and stinging... I wanted to make a trip to see my Dad before the foul weather, but I'm not too sure we'll be able to do so. We were trying to get the camper on the road so we could take off with the dogs, but Isabelle can't do our other animals now due to her health and Vick's parents can't stay to watch our dogs because of her Dad's health either. If we are lucky enough to find someone who can take care of our animals and the dogs, we would be able to shoot to Pa for the day and return the next day. It's about a 9½ hour trip one way, so you can't go, visit and return all in one day. If we can't make it before bad weather, we'll have to wait until spring and good weather returns. Maybe we'll find someone to watch our animals and the farm somewhere along the way. God has a way of sending Vick and me what we need when we really need it. Who knows...we still have a good friend in New Jersey that needs a place to settle down and retire in, perhaps being a farm caretaker on the back lot is right down his alley, since he loves this kind of life...Who knows...Who really knows?

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