Tuesday, November 10

Tuesday November 10th... A Turkey Bites The Dust Amidst The Hustle & Bustle...

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WOW.... Here's a bit of news from Aug 20th that just found it's way to me... Funny we don't hear about these kinds of things like we do the other unimportant stuff we are fed immediately, Huh?
Obama Appoints two devout Muslims to homeland security posts. Obama and Janet Napolitano Appoint Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development Source for announcement: Homeland Security Press Room.


The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is proud to announce that the DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).


Check it out for yourself! I'm tellin' ya folks...just as I have since before the election, during and right after.... This clown is handing our country over to the Muslims! They said they would overtake us without firing a shot and God forbid, they are doing it... right before our docile eyes.
Once Again Folks...Wake Up America!!!!

Well...... This morning, we're blogging without a way to publish it...at least at the present time, our internet service is out of commission. Also, I awoke to a dead turkey female along with the dead internet connection. Last evening, Joe was here cleaning the barns and I was puttering around putting things away for the fall season, getting ready for winter as you all know... and Vick came to me, to inform me that we had a problem with one of the turkeys. I asked what was wrong and she said that she was dragging her insides on the ground.
WHAT??? Sure enough, I looked across the yard, in the direction she was pointing and there was the female turkey, walking and feeding as if nothing was wrong, but she was dragging a large pile of intestines along behind her. We had to go to the Vet for meds anyway, so we asked him if there were anything we could do for the prolapse, but with the amount of bleeding present, I knew she was a goner. The Vet said he didn't think there was anything to be done, as we all wondered what happened to cause such an injury. I had taken wood shavings to the back shed in the truck just before we found her, but she was walking in the middle of the yard, unconcerned and pecking bugs off the ground, so we doubted that I could have run over her... likewise, we did not think Joe could have run over her with the tractor either, so we were stumped. I had hoped she would survive the night and the bleeding would stop, then we could address the intestines and possibly get them cleaned with saline water and get them back inside her, but how would you keep them there? Obviously, some tissue responsible for suspending the organs in the body had been injured and torn loose to allow the organs to drop and prolapse out the vent like that. Anyway, I was feeling achy and sore last evening, so I went to bed early, hoping she would be ok until morning, but that was not to be the case. Now, I must dispose of a wasted turkey... unfit for use. There was absolutely no body heat present this morning when I checked her, a sure sign she had been dead far too long with her insides intact, to be eaten now. This is very upsetting for us when this happens. I have no problem eating a bird such as this, but I do have a real problem with wasting one, if it is at all possible to utilize it or give it to a neighboring recipient, willing to use it. In this case it is wasted...all the way around. We also have a male turkey in the barn that has been down for about three weeks now. He obviously injured his left leg somehow, because one morning, I found him lying on the floor of the chicken coop, unable to stand. Perhaps he hurt his leg leaving the roost, because he always roosted high up on the chicken roost at night and did a crash landing off his perch every morning. I feared he would get hurt, but what do you do? It's not as if you can reason with a turkey...even if you can converse with them. They have a tiny, teeny, little mind of their own, but a mind, none the less.
So, now we have a heavy tom turkey that will probably never walk again, but you can't say we're not giving him all the opportunity to do so. He eats well, (pellets & corn) drinks and poops just fine. We continue to clean around him and provide water and feed daily so he can stay healthy otherwise. Sometimes he looks as though he is going to get up and walk again, but I don't think so. We don't know what to actually do with him now. Perhaps we should just dummy up and harvest him for Thanksgiving. He isn't a pet and we have given him ample time to recover, so if he isn't up and around by the 26th, maybe we will explore that possibility.

I think I'll get with Vick this morning and create a list of unfinished tings we need to do, so we can follow that list and decide what we can do in any allotted amount of time, in any given day. Sometimes I walk in circles thinking of things which are to extensive to complete in the amount of time I have, then later, I think of something I could have easily completed in that time frame. I think that if we had everything written down, we would do better daily. Until then, if you drive by and see an old man walking in circles, stuttering, say Hi... It's probably me, looking for myself, somewhere in the wrong place again.
Ok...looks like the internet service is back up and running, so I'll close and post it now... Later friends.

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