Monday, December 14

Monday, December, 14th... Waking Up in a Tranquil Winter Wonderland of Beauty...

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Gazing across the back field in the gray and blue morning I let the dogs venture forth this morning, I couldn't help but admire the grand spectacle afforded me every morning I replay this same scene. I stand in awe of a world created by our God in heaven and speculate the immeasurable supremacy involved with this grand and great creator of all. Many scientific scholars believe that cosmic forces are responsible for the creation of our planet and the life forms dwelling here and that scientific evolution is responsible for the changes we go through. I suppose this is all very possible...but can we forget that God, the creator is responsible for the creation of the universe and all that is in it? As a sculptor creates and changes their subject as they mold and style the object of their creation, do they not change, modify and improve the sculpture? So then would it be possible that God changed and improved the world in which we live over the centuries....
One thing is for certain! There is a feeling in the air which is unmistakable this time of the year and that feeling would surely be that Christmas is near. Christmas is positively near and there is no other reason for Christmas, than to celebrate the Son of God. All who embrace the happiness of the season and wish Christmas greetings toward others, are honoring the birth of the Christ child those many years ago in a stable. Nothing has ever been talked about as often, nor any story ever recited more, throughout the following centuries. This is how it should be, for in my mind, no cosmic mishap could ever, or will ever be credited for creating such beauty and life on a chunk of floating dirt in the universe. God crafted it and designed it and gave us this intrinsic beauty all around us, in every season of the year. He created everything we have, enjoy and needed to exist happily within this world he created. All we need to do to enjoy and thrive within this life, is to know and believe in our hearts, that he is the One, and try to understand and follow his will. How hard is it to be loving and helpful as you enjoy the life he has given us all?
Go forth and enjoy the season and keep the real holiday gift within you. Never leave him behind and he will never desert you... Truly, Merry Christmas...

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