Sunday, December 13

It's All Over Now... What A Turnout for our Christmas Party Open House...

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Well, we started early this morning, getting ready for the big party we have for friends every year, just before Christmas. This year we had more friends, so we invited more people. We had a total of twenty one people who showed up...all of which were neighbors except for the new couple that buys eggs from us for their restaurant. Well.........I guess Isabelle and Ralph are quite distant, but we consider them close friends rather than neighbors. They have become extremely close friends after buying our Alpacas from them, going to their farm for shearing day and going with her to a few craft shows where she was showing her Alpacas. She and Ralph are the special couple we provided Thanksgiving Dinner to when she returned on Thanksgiving eve, from the Boston Hospital where she had a procedure performed. They are two very special people which we are lucky to have met.
Anyway, all in attendance enjoyed the company and the plentiful food provided by the three cooks; Vicki, Jimmy and JD.

Everyone laughed, talked and mingled with one another throughout the evening and the last of the company left around eleven-thirty or so. We're ready to relax and unwind... Later friends!

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