Friday, December 11

Friday Evening, December11th... Baby It's Cold Outside... What a Song for Right Now...

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You can't say it any better or any plainer this evening, because baby it really is cold outside. The sun has gone down and so did the mercury in the old thermometer. Wow... right now it is hovering around 21° and there is a promise for colder temperatures over night. I forgot to unhook the hoses from our cold weather hydrants in the barn and at the duck house, so they didn't drain properly and froze at the ground level. I had to thaw it out using a butane torch after removing the section of hose. Now I'm curious if the hydrants will flow water when we go out to feed the animals and close everything up tonight. We went all last winter without any problem using the hydrants, but there was not a hose on them which could create a vacuum which doesn't allow the water to drain back down and out of the hydrant at the bottom. I guess that is what caused them to freeze last night. We'll see shortly...

We need to install a small light in the egg box which we can plug in when the mercury goes this far below freezing. We had to empty the eggs from the self-serve box on the porch and require customers to knock on the door for eggs due to the freezing conditions. We are going to putz around with the idea of a little light to create just enough heat to keep the eggs above freezing. It may take a bit of doing, but we'll find the correct combination which will allow us to use the egg box all winter long.

Tomorrow is the big Christmas event of the year on West Road. It's our, "invite everyone in the world" open house which usually nets about two to five people. It should be better tomorrow; because our friend Jimmy is gonna help cook, along with JD... therefore the wives of those two should accompany them too. We also had a call from Stan and I'm sure Kenny, Charlie and Joan will come. We had an email from Isabelle too, so she will be there and who knows...Ralph and Ashley might accompany her. WOW...if only these folks show up, that's fifteen people with Vick and I included. That alone spells SUCCESS!! That will definitely be a different outcome than last year's two people with Vick and me.... We'll see though...

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