Friday, December 11

Friday, Dec. 11th... Another in a Series of Long, Cold, Wintery Days to Come...

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It's hard to believe we are actually into the holiday season, with only fourteen days til Christmas! WOW time sure is flying fast. Before you know it, we'll be looking at the New Year holiday, with Christmas 2009 as a memory...and we'll be rocketing toward summer 2010 before you know it.
Sometimes I wish time would slow down a little and allow us to fully enjoy every aspect of our lives. Did you ever notice that when things are good in your life, time flies...yet when things are at their worst, time drags as if tomorrow will never come? Human nature is funny. We always want what we don't have, don't really care about what we do have (sometimes spouses included...per Tiger Woods) and wish for what someone else has. Little do we know what the other person is thinking or going through, but one thing I've learned in my near 59 years of learning, is that no book can ever be read from it's cover....and seldom is their "table of contents" ever truthful about what you'll find within their pages inside.
I never wish to live another's life, nor do I wish to possess what they own...possibly citing a desire to obtain my own thing, similar to something that someone else may have. Though I do this, I never actually wish I had theirs... not when there is ample opportunity for me to acquire my own by working and saving for it.
Well anyway...we are now in the "creative mode", time of the year. That time when you cannot stand to be outside, except for taking care of the most important of functions. In our case, it's the importance of caring for the animals in the barns, by cleaning, feeding and watering twice daily. After that... it's in the house time.
It is now that I write and devise systems. Vick processes and spins the yarns, works on her art and we both occasionally, enjoy a trip to somewhere fun during a warm spell... like, perhaps, Vermont. Winter is what you make of it. Stay inside, keep warm and enjoy what you do and winter can be a time of extreme beauty. Loath the summer and the outside and you'll hate winter and it will seem to last for years. Learn to roll with the flow and enjoy life. Then you'll complain that it goes too fast! Just like Vick and I do. There isn't enough time in a day for us to do everything we want to do.....But we keep trying...and trying...and trying.

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