Thursday, December 10

Thurs. December 10th... Bitch, Bitch, Bitch... I'm Tired Of It... But Thankful...

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I think I'm gonna quit bitchin' about our illustrious president, because it doesn't matter what you say, everybody thinks he just the cat's meow! Well, now I say, "So Be It!" I want no part of it any longer... what ever happens, I just don't care anymore!
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Anyway...this evening, we were visited by a restaurant owner who wanted to buy eggs from us for his restaurant down the road. We sold him nine dozen chicken eggs and a dozen duck eggs. He is specializing in all natural, organic type cuisine in his restaurant cooking. He also wanted to offer farm fresh, free range eggs in all his food, from breakfast meals to dinner specialties. Ahhh, finally a smart man! Anything prepared with farm fresh, free range, organic eggs, will surpass anything available in the supermarkets. He agrees...which is the very reason he searched us out among all the other farmers who have eggs. We actually come highly recommended, because we have uncompromised quality or we don't sell our eggs. Our eggs are gathered several times during the day and refrigerated immediately upon gathering. They are always in a shaded nesting box, never to see the rays of the sun. All eggs are cleaned, candled and checked for quality, then refrigerated at the correct temperature of 40°......constant. We are striking up a relationship with this chef who will be beneficial for both him and us. He is going to tell a few ladies that Vick will teach them how to do stained glass items and is going to market a few of my poem books in his restaurant, next to some fine wines. We can't wait to go there for a meal soon. It's hard to tell; possibly he might display some of Vick's fiber goods too... you know, scarves and hats made from our own Alpaca or Angora fiber.

We're looking forward to spending the winter being more productive than we were last year. We can produce fiber yarns from our own animals and do some manufacturing of fine hats and scarves to market locally. I will be working on my second book, to get it into print and on the Catskill Mountain Foundation Book Store shelves, in Hunter, NY. They have some copies of my book of poems displayed prominently in the foundation book store on main street and are anxiously awaiting the biography titled, "It all Began With a Puppy, Our Uncommon Journey." It is the story of Vicki and I and how we met, became close during the tragic loss of her husband of many years to cancer. It tells our story of hard times, exciting times, and how we finally ended up together with a farm and animals in upstate New York. Carolyn Bennett, Director of Village Square Bookstore & Literary Arts Center, in Hunter, New York, is biting at the bit to get this one onto the book store shelves as soon as humanly possible. I think it should happen in the early spring if all goes well. Then, I have another I'm currently writing about my childhood, growing up in an old, turn of the century, iron ore mining town called Marysville, Pa. It was here, during the mid to late 1800's that Andrew Carnegie stripped iron ore from the earth's surface...and there in the midst of those ruins, is where I lived and grew to the age of sixteen before being exposed to city life. It was an interesting life in the early sixties which I chose to write about, taking many people back to their rural childhood memories of similar times. It should be fun for everyone who enjoys this type of biography...especially if you grew up in one of the hundreds of rural skeletal mining towns throughout America in the mid fifties and sixties. If it's as exciting for someone to read about it, as it is fun for me to write about it... it's gonna be an interesting and riveting book to read for anyone from those years. It will surely bring back fond memories of your childhood from those years, even if you didn't live in one of the many old abandoned mining towns.

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