Wednesday, December 9

Wed. Dec. 9th... Believe What????? More Socialism??? Give it up Obama!!

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A notebook sold to a student at Mill Creek Elementary School in Columbia, Mo., bears a logo and slogan similar to those used in the Obama presidential campaign. I guess after the distributor placed the supplies in vending machines around the area, he later removed them immediately, after many complaints drew his attention to the fact that this socialistic material was now being force fed to our children. He swears up and down that he saw the cover, but never thought twice about it (which seems reasonable and understandable) until he started to receive complaints from parents. This is not what should appear on tablets for school kids. AGAIN.......Nuff said about this guy!! BUT...remember to keep an eye on him!

Anyway, we thought we were ready for the big snow storm! It came from down wind...from Pennsylvania...the very same storm front which swept across America in the last thirty-six hours, wreaking havoc all along the way. They were calling for a possible four feet of snow in the Snow Belt area of central upstate New York (near Pulaski). There, it is not unusual to see a snow fall of five or six feet overnight I guess, and yearly snowfalls of twenty-two feet.
Now we only got about ten inches, but who's complaining? We function as normal this time of the year, as we do in the summer, but we spend our time indoors after all the chores are done. We feed and water the animals and either let them loose or keep them in, but it doesn't really matter, because they don't usually come out in the winter anyway. They hate being in the snow anyhow. Me too, other than just walking to feed the animals or to get to the car.
Below is an old newspaper article that is amazing and routine for the area:
Mon., Feb. 12, 2007
REDFIELD, N.Y. - The lake-effect squalls that have buried parts of upstate New York in nearly 12 feet of snow finally ended Monday, leaving road crews with the task of clearing snow piled as high as street signs.
The squalls pushed along the shore of eastern Lake Ontario, leaving behind up to three inches of new snow before tapering off. Forecasters warned that another storm system was on the way.
Redfield received 11 feet, 9 inches of snow, but residents were unfazed in a community where the economy thrives on snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. The area receives an annual average of more than 22 feet.

Though we didn't have anything like this, we're still hoping for a better tomorrow!

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