Tuesday, December 8

Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy.... And I'M PISSED

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Every year all Americans... who still remember what FREEDOM has cost us... still bow their heads in a small, silent prayer, giving thanks for all the hero's who picked up the tab for the cost of what we enjoy every day of our lives. This morning....we all said that little prayer again...as every true American has done on this day, every since that fateful morning, exactly sixty-eight years ago. Many brave young soldiers...most of which were still teenagers, died that December morning in Pearl Harbor as the Japanese declared war upon the greatest nation on earth. Back then...we didn't screw around...we didn't bad mouth Roosevelt...we didn't protest that war...every able bodied American male and many females banded together and we fought and defeated the Japanese. We went over there and took the bull by the horns and gave the ultimatum to surrender or pay the price. They wouldn't surrender, so they paid the price....Not once, but twice... first on Hiroshima and again on Nagasaki. We killed many and they got the point!
Unless they surrendered, we were prepared to wipe them from the face of the earth. They attacked us...and we paid dearly... but then so did they.

Then... some sixty years later, the same type of attack happens in New York City only this time it happened to our innocent American citizens...and we hate our president for declaring war. We protest and bitch at our boys in uniform and cried for the poor captured terrorists and complain how badly they were treated after killing thousands of our innocent citizens. We even court marshaled some of our soldiers for following orders... Now we have a candy assed president who rubs elbows with known terrorist sympathizers and kisses Muslim asses the world over and we love him. I'M ASSHAMED! I'M APPALLED!!!!
I'll be damned if every red blooded American shouldn't be ashamed of our government and the dung heap in Washington we have running things.
Someone needs to tell me why a known sham like the Global warming...Greenhouse effect crap or a stupid Job Summit meeting with a bunch of dim wits would be more important than being at Pearl Harbor to honor those brave fallen soldiers and the survivors?
Nice president.... one who bows to foreign leaders and scum, but doesn't visit our own American hero's hospital bedsides or grave sites...
Sorry Barry...you'll never be an American...because you don't have what it takes to be an American and you'll certainly never be a President either.

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