Sunday, December 6

Jobs Summit will not produce jobs...

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I hate to be like this, but the man is killing us rapidly...and meticulously...just as the rest are doing!
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Remember when Obama got all the health care people together in a meeting and "solved" the health care costs issue? Remember all the good ideas that group came up with and put into place? I doubt you do...because there were none! This administration is beginning to resemble a bad movie, which they replay over and over. Remove Formatting from selection
While a complete list of attendees for the jobs summit meeting was not available to see... I'll bet that the summiteers will include labor union members, environmentalists and liberal economists only! Perhaps President Obama can explain how a jobs summit by people who have never created one single job, can possibly know how to create jobs? In the end, the only thing this will accomplish will be to show how hard Obama is working for YOU. Like everything else he does, it will end up looking like a sham and a scam and when no jobs are created, he can then blame everyone else for not supporting his policies. Once again...failed programs such as the "clunkers for cash" are never his fault. Today will just be another great opportunity to bolster support through photo shoots and try to cover the ever growing evidence that he is failing in every respect.
I am sure "green", will be the most overused word at the summit. Quite seriously, every time I hear that word, I want to throw up and now that the global warming hoax has been exposed, it's even worse! I don't want to hear anything about global warming...ever!
As far as the jobs summit, all the wrong people are there and none of the important ones were invited... If you polled 1,000 small to medium sized businesses, you would get the same answer. They will not hire people, even though they could because they have no idea what Obama will do to them. Between cap and tax, card check, the medical takeover and disruption of the present health care industry and the expected raising of the capital gains taxes, these companies have no intention of putting their butts on the line.... especially when you consider some of the hatred and statements that come out of Obama's mouth. And so the jobs summit will fail for the same reason Obamanomics is failing. The White House still mistakenly believes economic growth and new jobs are created by business, labor and government, cooperatively working together. But that’s Socialism, not the way capitalism works. It doesn’t take a commune of the above to create a new job. It takes a businessman trying to make another buck." They are the ones who create jobs when they have a need for work to be create a product....which will then sell and generate money... and the loop continues. Labor and government eat up money.... and only labor returns to the employer through jobs and purchases of the product.
Yes today's job summit should be a real waste of time and a disaster. Sometimes, I think Obama is doing it on purpose... he doesn't want to create jobs! I have emphatically stated long before the election, that he was no good for America. I continue to stress that he and his Socialist buddies are creating a global crisis! They want people to be scared, because they have no jobs, money or security. This will then drive them to turn to the government for it is doing and the government will bail out the states and take them over. Our government is now a shareholder to a lot of potentially ruined businesses. They don't care about the poor or the truth; look at how they reacted to the exposure of Global warming and the greenhouse effect being a sham. They are going to ignore it! Hopefully enough people now know it was a sham and Obama looks like a big fool in Copenhagen.
There is a cloud of doom and gloom which has descended upon the shoulder of the American people. Like me, those who saw early and were aware of the real beliefs of the dubious group of villains now inhabiting the white house... which is now gaining strength in congress, knew that they posed a mortal threat to the America we grew up in and wished to pass on to our children. Very little sunshine has made its way through the veil of foreboding rot that emanates from the knowledge that every aspect of American culture and American freedom are targeted for destruction by these tyrants. Today's summit is just another show; another chance for Obama feed you another promise, and another Lie.
Have you ever thought that money is the root of all evil? Have you ever though about what this phrase means? Money is a tool of exchange, which can't exist unless there are goods produced and people with jobs, able to produce them. Money is the material shape of the principle, that men who wish to deal with one another, must deal by trade and give value for value. Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product through give away programs earned by tears or a government thief, who takes it from you by force. Money and growth of a nation is made possible only by the people who work and produce.
No... money is not the root of all evil... the root of all evil is the politicians and lawyers who are destroying America and stealing wealth...(
or spreading the wealth
)... wealth in jobs, security and programs which keep Americans working and producing. That my friends, is where money comes from. Our jobs and freedom to produce a product which is exchanged for the same value in money will continue to create more jobs and money. A worker exchanges labor and product for money and growth. A politician or lawyer takes money and gives nothing in return....Just like the Obama administration is doing!
When private industries close their doors and go home, who will provide the jobs? ACORN... who has nothing to report on or do any longer... or the U.S. government... which will not exist, due to its own bankruptcy? Unless America wakes up....We will be a sorry lot of prisioners!!!!!

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