Saturday, December 5

Sat. Dec. 5th... Snow Should Be Pretty, But When You're Ill...It Isn't So Fun...

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All day long I sat on the couch in front of the TV feeling nauseous. Vick has been enduring the very same thing, so maybe it's just allergies or something going around. It's a good thing her Mom and Dad aren't here now, because if it's a viral thing, they would surely catch it too. The worst of it is that you feel listless and when you move to satisfy that, you feel sick in the stomach. Ya just can't seem to win.
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It's a good thing we didn't go to see my Dad today, because we would have been driving in snow from somewhere north of New York City, into Jersey and then all the way to Harrisburg...and maybe further, because it has been snowing here since about noon and we now have about three inches on the ground. I suppose it is snowing in Huntingdon, Pa., so we would have driven in snow all the way back....and had a queasy stomach to boot. Now that wouldn't have been too fun and I would have never forgiven myself if we had given Dad and Rose what we obviously have. We're now planning to take the trip to see them the day after Christmas if everything is ok then. For now...we're just going back to the sofa until bedtime.......

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