Friday, December 4

Friday, Dec. 4th... Whoa... Stop... Cease... Desist... Change of Plans... Not Goin'...

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We cancelled the trip to Pa as a result of Vick becoming sick this afternoon. I didn't really feel that well myself, so I called immediately when Vick said she was afraid to make the five hour trip in the car. I wasn't really sure I was up to riding that far the way I felt either, so I called Rose and cancelled. Dad didn't know we were coming anyway, so I told Rose just to keep it quiet that we were coming originally and he wouldn't need to be upset. Besides, we will make the trip the day after Christmas instead. It's only a couple weeks and we'll be there anyway, so there is no reason for anyone to be upset, or endure an uncomfortable ride for that long a distance when feeling ill. The last place we needed to go feeling ill was an assisted living facility where older residents are susceptible to every cold and flu bug that comes through the door by visiting people. Actually, the way the H1N1 flu is spreading right now, I don't know why they don't stop visitation or make visitors wear masks. Some of those old folks don't have an ounce of resistance to the sickness' which are circulating... and many could kill them.

We just bummed around here this evening watching television, so Vick was close to the bathroom if she needed it. Hopefully she will start feeling better and so will I. Maybe a good nights sleep will do wonders for us both.

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