Friday, December 4

Friday, Dec. 4th... This Evening We're Off To Huntingdon, Pa. To See My Dad......

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Wow, going back to see Dad before Christmas is gonna really surprise him... He doesn't know we're coming!!!
We will spend today as usual, with the exception of hopping into bed around six this evening, so we can arise at 3:00 Am and take off by 4:00 or 5:00 Am to get a jump on the traffic. Leaving isn't a problem because we have family staying here at the house to take care of the dogs and animals out in the barn. I'll feed them before we leave anyway and we expect to be home before midnight Saturday, so they critters won't even know we were gone, except they will not be freed tomorrow. This will be the first I've been to see Dad since he had his hospital stay two summers ago, so he will be really excited when we walk into the room he and Rose share. I will finally get to actually meet and hug Rose, his new wife which I've talked to many, many times on the phone. She knows we're coming, but hasn't told Dad so he can be surprised! We'll spend the day with them and go out to grab some Kentucky Fried Chicken, which I believe they now call Kentucky Grilled Chicken... You know, everything has to be healthy and politically correct now.
We also want to drift toward Belleville, where I grew up and worked my entire life while living in Belleville, McAlevys Fort and Lewistown...then Granville. I once lived in State College, where I went to school until the middle of tenth grade, when we moved to Belleville. There is nothing I want to see in State College or McAlevys Fort, but will make brief stops in Belleville, at Peight's Amish Country Store, Peachey's Meat Market in Reedsville and the Giant Market in Lewistown before leaving for home. It should be a nice day trip... five hours there and five back, with a quick stop at Cabela's...World's Foremost Outfitter, in Hamburg, Pa.
That store holds great memories for Vick, because she used to go there with her friends for special outdoors clothing, when she lived in New Jersey. One time when we we're moving stuff from my house and her house in Jersey to the farm here in New York, we stopped there and she showed everything to me. What a great place! Such wildlife displays and aquariums full of live fish! I stopped first at Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg, where I always went, to show Vicki, but when we stopped her Cabela's store I was flabbergasted! Bass Pro Shops was nothing compared to Cabela's.
It's gonna be a nice trip and I'm psyched to see Dad again.
I probably won't blog again until I return from Pa, so expect a post with some pictures on Sunday..... Later Friend's Skip & Vick

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