Wednesday, December 2

Wed. & Thurs. Dec. 2 - 3rd... The Tree Is Lit In Rockefeller Center In A Shitty Program...

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I gotta tell ya that I just witnessed one of the lousiest Christmas programs in history as they lit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in New York City last evening. They had some of the worst musical performances I've ever seen in my life. Can we not have a Christmas and carols that have not been all jazzed up or turned into rap songs? Can we please keep the song as it was originally written, rather than arbitrarily changing it, so we can listen to the song almost all the way through, before recognizing what song it really is? I get the real shits of MY Christmas being changed to someone else's idea of how it should be! Leave it alone!!!!!!
Don't change the carols, don't change the tunes... Quit jiving everything!! It's not yours to change!!!!!
Sing any way you want to in your church...I won't be there to hear it. On the public...have the decency to sing it as it was intended by the writer/composer of the song. If you want to change it in your home, or in your church. Again, I won't be there trying to endure something I dislike...which is jammed down my throat. Christmas in America has been the same for more than the last 300 years. I've seen almost fifty-nine and been told about the rest, read about them in many books, or have learned about them on TV and in movies. I was perfectly content to enjoy and celebrate Christmas just as my ancestors did many years before me and I'm not interested in the new version songs or new ways to sing the old ones.
By the way......Jesus was and still is a Superstar...and we never needed a song or movie to tell us that! We always knew it!!!!!!
Leave the traditional Christmas alone and create another day as your Boogie Woogie something holiday!

And what's up with "Massa Obama" going back on his word about bringing all our kids home from the war? That man is always trying (and succeeding) to commit political suicide daily with his stupid actions...Sending another 30,000 of our young targets to Afghanistan certainly isn't what he promised the many (now Sorry) Americans that trusted him and voted for him. Yeah "Bammie"... tell us another one...I'm sure your full of it! This loon is headed for impeachment or (God forbid) a bullet! He is failing on all levels...but keeps diving into the deep end of a dry swimming pool head first. Why doesn't he learn after the first abrupt crash landing? The only "changes" he is making are BAD ones for America. Perhaps that is his real goal anyway!

WOW!!! Just saw a phenomenal guitarist from
Australia on public TV by the name of Tommy Emmanuel playing an amazing performance. He plays many different guitars, one at a time and on each one, can mystify and capture the best of musicians. He plays rhythm, melody, bass, percussion background and almost everything else, all at once, using both hands and every inch of the guitar. He is an amazing artist that captivates his audience from beginning to end.... Just check out the short clip below.

First, scroll down the blog page to find our playlist and shut our music off by hitting the pause button, play the YouTube videos below.

Now...if you like his performance, watch one in which he is serious... Below..

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