Saturday, December 26

Saturday December 26, 2009... Phweet......Gone In a Blink of an Eye... It Is!!!!

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And that how it goes! You prepare and labor to make everything just so and ZING... Here it comes and ZIPPP...there she goes...just as fast.

We've been preparing for the twenty-fifth of December, 2009, which was the 2044th year since Jesus was born. That's my date calculation...and just as good as any biblical scholar has ever come up with, for it certainly coincides with the writings in the King James Bible on the I don't really have to prove it, because it is there in black and white. I'm told it also coincides with the writings in the Koran too. Jesus was about thirty three to thirty seven years old when he was crucified 2009 years ago, I decided to use thirty five, so it stands to reason that he was born 2009, plus 35 years ago, or in 0bc. (that's zero before Christ)

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Anyway, we prepare for this day of celebration every year and it arrives each year and in less time than is needed to completely enjoy what we've prepared for, it's gone! We have done like so many others...choosing to keep all the decorations up until after the new year, or we would simply put everything up, eat some turkey, open some wrapped gifts, sing a song and start to disassemble the decorations...just about that quickly. I think Christmas should last about a week. That way family could run around and have seven dinners where ever they chose to in that week. More people could partake of family get together without one side of the family having to do without.
Oh well... New Years Day is coming next. Most people miss out on that day too, but it's not because there are so many places to go. Usually it's because they are hung over so bad that they cannot force themselves to get up, let alone eat a New Years Day meal. Those of us with a lot of years under our belts have finally learned to enjoy the seasons with moderation and understanding. We'll be fine...younger folks will learn and the kids will carry on as usual...missing everything. Ahhh, the joys of age and learning conquered...
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We may be old, decrepit farts, but...We Rule!

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