Sunday, December 27

Sunday, December 27, 2009... Next Comes The New Year... Full of New Things!!

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Yepper... in a few short days, we will embark upon a new year. Who knew, at this time last year, we would be experiencing a split in our country? Who would have had any idea that politicians would be so brash as to vote something into law that was so adamantly despised and unwanted by the constituents of those voting to institute this health care package into being? Are politicians so stupid that they think this will be forgotten in the next election? I think every American can understand that when their elected representative votes on legislature they do not want, they are not being represented by that person in office...therefore; their constituents will be heard at the polls next year! I hope Americans do as some of the recent emails suggest and vote every present politician out on their asses!
After that, what we should do, is revoke their unbelievably bold and idiotic law that gives them a DIFFERENT and LIFETIME retirement plan and medical coverage than ours, after just one year of service in that elected position. It should the same as ours and revoked if and when that person is voted out of the position before retirement age, leaving only those who served until retirement eligibility, for that give-away program. (Which would be bad enough, but more reasonable)
It is my hope that somewhere along the line, there are still enough red blooded Americans left to save this country from the foreign smut that has come here intent on changing our way of life to theirs!
As Americans, don't you understand that they are attacking us? Don't you understand that forcing you to speak their language is a form of conquering us? Don't you understand that taking the pledge of allegiance out of our society is making us scorn our previously proud and steadfast allegiance to America and our flag? Don't you understand that they are someday going to tell you that it is no longer permissible to go to the church of your choice, unless it is a Muslim Mosque of their choice? We have allowed ourselves to become so complacent over the years that we have actually told them that we can easily be overrun and changed by them, from within. We have shown time and time again that they cannot beat us with the force of warfare, for we will fight a furious battle and always come out as the victor, unless the war is fought within...quietly...politically...for our people are lazy and do not study anything about those who are running for office. I bet our present population would have voted Hitler into office, after hearing his promises for change too. What we got last November was about as vial and underhanded, and now the death camps will be our health program. Yes, allowing this will be the same as tattooing numbers on our elderly American's wrists! It is my prayer to God, that he step in and help America recover from this putrid future I see approaching. Please God, help to open the eyes of all Americans who cannot see the gloom ahead. After our forefathers fought so long and hard to suppress it in the past, please allow their children and grandchildren to see, regroup and defeat this threat to America from within. We can start by making our rage and displeasure known to those sitting in office, supposedly representing us. Let them know by phone and pen, just what will happen at the polls if they don't make your voice heard and known to our government!

Long Live God's America, beginning this New Year's Day!

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