Thursday, December 31

Thurs. December 31, 2009... Back From A Nice Meal At A Dying Restaurant...

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Remove Formatting from selectionWe made reservations at the Freehold House for dinner on New Years Eve several days ago and planned to take Vick's parents as a treat. Following the plans for the evening, we met Stan and Joyce, our friends around 7:15 for our 7:30 reservation.
We were seated instantly and except for slow service (due to having only one waitress) we enjoyed a fine meal and a bottle of wine with family and friends.
During the meal, we were told by Stan and Joyce tthat the Freehold House wasn't doing very well and was expected to close down. What a shame for such a lovely business with such a history!
Due to the slow service, we might just be awake at midnight to exchange a kiss and a wish for a Happy New Year... because it appears we have lasted until the midnight hour!
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Happy New Year!

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