Wednesday, December 16

Wed. Dec. 16th... Only Nine Days Until Christmas Morning... Better Not Pout...

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The days pass with their usual, rapidness, leaving little time to finish up the final details of your holiday season, so make a list... and check it twice... Just like ol' Saint Nick.
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We are going to have a Christmas Eve dinner with family and then who knows what after that! No matter what, we'll enjoy the festive holiday season. Looks like the weather will be fine for us to go to Pennsylvania this "Saturday" morning early... We will leave at the same 4:00 or 5:00 AM blast off time and head to Jersey where we grab route 78 at Newark and head east to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. There we hit 81 south, to 322 west and we're off to Huntingdon, Pa. to see Dad and Rose. They will be beside themselves with happiness when we walk into their room. We haven't seen Dad for over two years and we've never met Rose, Dad's new wife, so we'll be happy too. I know Vick misses Dad, because they had a very special relationship in the short time in which we had him visiting us, here in Upstate New York. He holds Vick in very high regard, as the daughter he never had!

We have a few errands to run and some things to finish up around here today, so I'm off to leave the animals out so they can stand on any little spot of grass the sun has provided in the snow covered back yard. I put Christmas music on the outside speakers for them and to deter the foxes visit to the back yard. The guinea fowl also keep a close eye on what is nearby too, so we're pretty safe. Well, as safe as you can be from a ravenous fox... he might just gamble on all for a tender warm chicken... We hope for the best as they spend their day free ranging.

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