Friday, January 8

Friday, January 08, 2010...Finally We're Ready For the Cold Weekend...

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Yesterday when we got home, I went to leave the critters free to roam and peck in the few grassy areas of the back yard for the rest of the day. As I roamed around the buildings, I decided the ground was a little wet in the duck area, so I went to the back shed to retrieve a bag of wood shavings to put on the ground. I found a dead guinea hen lying along the back side of the duck house run, which was setting in the nesting position with its head lying back along side of it as if it were sleeping. There were feathers neatly stripped off the carcass and not a speck of meat on the bones...... Usually if a fox gets a bird, they have it and feathers scattered all over the area, so I don't actually know what killed this bird. It had to have happened between the time we left for Albany and when we returned, because I was out there in the morning. I assume this guinea was roosted in a tree and when it flew down to feed, was caught on the ground by something. He won't make that mistake again!

We were thrilled to have the stove installation / repair man from Hudson come yesterday to replace the stove pipe on the propane fireplace we have in the studio upstairs. We bought this from a local stove shop in 2006 and used it off an on as we could for those three winters, but it was never right. It always emitted a little smell of exhaust gas into the bedroom, and although it never tripped the sensor on the alarm, it was unpleasant. We weighed the unpleasant smell against the frigid cold spells, simply because we did have so many sensors to rely on when we needed to, but were still leery to fully trust and use it. Well, several months ago the shop owner finally got the right guy to come and see if he could resolve the problem...and he did. Although we had to wait for three weeks for a return appointment with the parts, yesterday...he came and made the correct repairs and we now have a heat source up there which is affordable. Talk about funny............ (Or maybe not) we saw his truck in the driveway, which brought a hurrah from Vick and I, just as she noticed the $800.00 oil bill which came also. So much for remaining warm upstairs, using the furnace...
Also, just to be as fair as I can be, the stove guy who sold us the stove was more than accommodating on his end, because we bought a display model in his shop and the guy's installation tech initially used the wrong pipe connector and each year after that, the stove shop supplied (all free) other tech's who tried to resolve the issues of the stove. Finally this latest guy found the wrong connector issue and ordered the correct stuff to repair it once and for all. Yesterday he did and it is a beautiful job...painted pipe and all. I will always use George's stove shop and recommend him to anyone as a reliable, kind, understanding and reputable place to do business.

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