Saturday, January 9

Saturday, January 09, 2010... A Weekend of Relaxation Was In store for Us......

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We slept in this morning! Wahoo... now to some that may not be a biggie, but in this house, when I'm not up before eight o'clock in the morning, something is usually wrong...especially when I'm almost always up at six AM every morning!! This morning I got up at a quarter to ten...and enjoyed it! Nothing at all was wrong...I wasn't sick, nor did I simply oversleep... I was up at five Am to go to the potty, but went directly back to bed and snuggled down under the blankets next to Vick with Casey Mae in between us, happily snuggled up with two warm humans on either side to provide warmth. What a lucky dog...what an intelligent dog!

The chickens did pretty well again for the second time this week. The egg production has increased daily quite consistently this week. Yesterday, we collected forty-six eggs and today thirty-seven. It appears we were no feeding them enough and that was what caused egg production to drop off, once the cold weather struck. Our friend Stanley had his old shipmate friend, who is a consultant; instruct us on what to do. He said we were controlling the light correctly, giving them plenty of clean water in heated bottles and was giving them dry wood chips to stand on. He told us we were probably doing just about everything right, with the exception of not feeding them more in the cold weather. Once the temperature drops, they must exert more energy to create body heat; therefore you have to feed them more in the winter cold, than in the summer heat. The energy created by eating, usually goes toward creating the egg within the chicken, but the cold weather now dictates that the energy is burnt creating body heat, rather than the egg. He is a very smart many, because within the week, after increasing their feed and crushed corn, they started to lay good again. We now have very happy chickens and they have made Vick and I very happy.

I guess we're going to play everything by ear and do what we must, then decide if we want to do anything more while this cold streak is blasting the united states. Tomorrow we have to go to Agway for chicken feed before noon, so we don't run out. Perhaps we'll just do what seems good that day... in the mean time, Netflix is
an excellent way to pass the time in the winter cold by watching movies either on your computer or through your TV. You get unlimited movies for only nine dollars and change per month. What a bargain!!

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