Saturday, January 16

Saturday, Jan. 16th... It Was A Nice Mid-Winter Day On The Farm Today...

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Today was an exceptionally beautiful day with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures than we've had for a long time. The sunny warmth helped melt snow and expose a few large grassy spots for the chickens and ducks to enjoy. Vick and I took advantage of the day and finally got that loft wiring completed, so now when we need hay in the evening after dark, or we need to feed and water the cats before closing them in the loft at night, we now have lights up there. We also installed several receptacles so we can plug the cats heated water bowl in to keep their water from freezing. We have wanted to complete the wiring up there since last fall, but lost to the blistering cold that beat us to the punch. Now it's finally completed and it's gonna be nice.
People popped in all day long buying eggs and then this evening around 7:30, Chris came and bought the seven dozen we had left. He opens early in the morning and doesn't close until around 2:30 AM. He does an awesome breakfast business and then lunch. Since the bars in the Coxsackie area don't do food, he stays open until they close to provide food for the bar groups. Sounds like a smart guy to me as long as he doesn't work himself to death.
This evening on the way to Albany to pick up Vick's computer tower which was at Staples to be repaired, we drove through the little community of Coeymans Hollow and laughed as we drove past a building in the middle of town with the sign posted below. Now that's funny...and if it wasn't meant to be funny... then I'd bet this guy is probably married to his sister, because it would then be a bit sick... We guessed it was a joke due to the spelling, but who knows in "Coeymans Hollow"!!
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As I mentioned earlier...we went to Staples to pick up Vick's HP tower which became infected last Thursday sometime, somehow. Before our very eyes, it dumped the hard drive of Windows XP and left us sitting in a DOS file section asking if we wanted to start normal or in safe mode. No matter what you did, it always returned to that same DOS screen... Nothing else! We then put the reboot disc in which came with the computer and tried to recover.... WELL... that didn't work either, because the reboot wouldn't finish. It took them from Thursday to this afternoon to fix it, and it only cost $75.00 to do it. How I'd love to have just a minute with the rotten bastards that inject viruses into peoples computers through emails and web sites for fun. Ahhh well...time for bed...

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