Sunday, January 17

Sunday, Jan. 17th... An Occasional Urge to Go Where We've Never Been......

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This morning, I was on the rear deck, dropping some plastic bottles in the re-cycle barrel and after doing so, I stood for a moment that transformed into minutes again. Thinking how lucky we are to have such a beautiful property, with the farm and animals and each other. I reflected upon all the hard work and sacrifices we've both made to achieve such a paradise. There were many, many days we gave up seeing or doing special things, to work at this creation...such as trout fishing, seeing spring flowers erupting in flowing, breath taking colors. We missed many spring and summer functions around the area, because we were so busy building, picking up materials or recovering from near crippling exhaustion and over exertion of our now soft, retired bodies.
We are near the end now and although we've built quite an empire to enjoy through out our retirement years, we now have to dedicate the time and effort to ourselves to become more physically fit and a little trimmer around the middle.
Of course all this can positively be blamed on how we ate as we labored long into the evening hours, usually long after dark. No one wants to cook after a long day of hard labor. That's why they made PIZZA!!! Round, warm, intoxicating to the palate......coaxing you to drift to it's triangular shape...taunting, begging to eaten... and what are two old, hungry builders gonna do but give in to those temptations???? I say temptations, because once resistant resolve is obliterated, and the first bite of pizza is taken into your watering is surely followed by a large swig of soda.... KILLER #2!!!!
Ohhhhhh, the living was great...but now, we are paying the price... the aches and pains of old age and being overweight, go hand in hand... and are like a hammer and chisel toward feeling good and active. Old is the hammer...pounding the overweight chisel of pain...into our bodies every time we move or attempt to do things we once easily mastered.
Now that we have everything we want, we are in too much pain to fully enjoy it, so we have vowed to do whatever we can to drop the weight and return to a pair of old fit people, ready to live and enjoy! I need to drop the fifteen pounds I gained and another thirty-five I always had hanging around...making a total of fifty pounds which will return me to a very nice 200 pounds. Fifteen pounds is not much of a weight gain, but take that and the thirty-five (or 50) away and my knee replacement surgery might just go away too. Especially with the synvisc injection I am getting soon. There are the usual cortisone injections too, which worked great last fall, but taking away fifty pounds will most likely be the greatest postponement of surgery there is. Vick wants to loose weight too... (All women do) How much?... are you crazy?...No man in his right mind would ever utter a number in that sentence!!!
Highly classified information! Don't even go there!
Anyway...back to my rambling reflections of live from the rear deck......
It occurred to me that thee is a large area around us that we've never seen. We have a large area on the other side of the Pupskill stream that we've never set foot on, and Vick and I have both threatened to do so some day. I've already talked to our neighbor Ken, who said we were welcome to take an exploratory, sight seeing trip behind our house, out into where the coyotes seem to inhabit. We will take the camera and maybe catching a glimpse of one or the entire pack if we're quiet enough. I'd love to see where our stream comes down around from our friend Charlie's lake and through the fields of several other properties before reaching us. We'd like to see if the beavers moved upstream too, making more dams above ours which they were gracious enough to build, raising our lake level about an additional foot. After taking such a sight seeing trek...we would have a better feel for our surroundings and what that couple of acres beyond the Pupskill yields to the wildlife that surely dwells there.

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